5 Ways To Optimize Sleep


In the age of information it can definitely be a challenge to master the art of sleep….

But sleep is important to your health and appearance, research has shown this. I am sure you have experienced the harmful effects of sleep deprivation yourself! I know I have.

Sleep is where you go into repair mode, regenerate and recharge. The ideal amount falls between 6-8 hours of rest.  But it’s the amount of QUALITY sleep that matters more.

Our body’s exterior is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us (including mentally and emotionally).

Lack of sleep can make you look older, by the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, acne and puffy skin.

Another effect of poor sleep is that it harms your blood sugar and raises your stress hormones. Stress hormones are something you want to have more control over for health.

Lack of sleep will you reduce your levels of the human growth hormone (which are released with proper sleep) … then you are more likely to accumulate belly fat. Too much belly fat is not good, science proves this.

You also risk poor immunity, disease and illness with sleep deprivation.


In case you were not convinced yet of the importance of sleep, here are a few more….

  • Emotional Chaos
  • More Accident Prone.
  • Lack of Sex Drive.
  • Forgetful, Mindlessness.
  • Impaired Motor Skills.
  • Poor Judgement & Decision Making.
  • Might Fall Asleep In Spurts Throughout The Day.


So in our fast-paced world and speedy lives, how can we incorporate better sleep?

It depends on the individual, but make the choice to create better sleep habits. Design a strategy that will work for you. It might take some time to get into the flow, yet sleep… like diet and exercise commands respect for a healthier life.


Here are a few ways to help optimize your sleep:

1) Create a sleep habit. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. (do you best)

2) Clear your mind of worries so that you can go to sleep with clarity and calm.  I’ll admit that this one can be a challenge in the hectic world of today. Mediation has been a savior for me here, even if it’s listening to an audio. Write stuff out, to get it on paper and out of your head.

3) Avoid watching things before bed that are stimulating to your mind.  The nightly news, extreme violence, etc., might cause unnecessary stress on your subconscious.  Remember stress is an age accelerator! Be a boss! Turn off electronics at least an hour prior to sleep. The screen light messes with your sleep patterns. Read about false light HERE.

4) Right before you go to bed, write down or say a few things that you are grateful for. It sets the stage for calmer rest. Even on the roughest of days… there are at least a few things you can be grateful for, like healthy eyes to read this sentence.

5) Essential Oils. I use  lavender essential oil and rub it on my feet. You can also make a spray and use it on your pillow. You can read more about this amazing oil HERE.


The first step in anything is the decision. Decide that you will do your best and adjust along the way. That is the way to create a long term habit for health, adapting.


Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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