Belief Work & Faulty Belief Systems

What is a Belief?

A belief is a thought you keep thinking until it becomes hardwired. Our core beliefs are mainly created as children before we become conscious. They become stronger as they are brought to life by you, through trapped energy like emotions. It’s our personal filter on how we view and perceive the world. Beliefs are formed through the process of giving meaning.


They are true to our subconscious mind.

Why are Beliefs Important?

When I was 5 years old I almost froze to death in -30C (-22F) weather...


Winnipeg, Canada where I was born came alive during the summer. A symphony of life everywhere bloomed. My mothers garden has always been a trove of treasures evolving over the years. These times were sacred as our winters were long, harsh and very cold. My province's nickname is actually Winter-peg.


Dressed in heavy layers looking like a pink mini marshmallow I was on my way home after kindergarten class.  I wanted to make sure I got to the street corner on time in order for the school patrol to give me permission to cross.


Arriving at the cross street I didn’t realize I had just missed the patrols. The great thing is that I lived across the street, so all I had to do was walk a few steps to my destination. But something odd happened….


I could see my house just a few feet away, but I was frozen. Literally and figuratively.


I was terrified of breaking the rules. 


Catching a glimpse out the window while she was putting something away, my mom immediately recognized the small human mini marshmallow standing across the street and was confused why she was just standing there.


Opening the front door, she yelled at me to cross the street. Half conscious and frozen I yelled back, through trembling lips. “I have to wait for the patrol”!


This banter went on  until she lost it. After grabbing a jacket she furiously ran out the door to get me. Screaming and fighting I was determined to wait for the patrol.


My mom had to put me in the bathtub to thaw me out. This is probably why I never developed a love for winter, but surprisingly one of my favorite things in the world are hot bubble baths!


Now here is the important part:

  • My belief of obeying the patrol was more important than me taking a few steps to safety and warmth
  • This is a great example of how our conscious and unconscious minds can work against each other
  • That is the power faulty beliefs have over us


Negative beliefs and belief systems can create invisible barriers that can prevent us from experiencing life, abundance, health and so much more.  This has been the battle most of my life until I discovered this work.

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What Creates Beliefs?

Beliefs get created from past experiences and learned programs. Your brain takes a snapshot and then gets preserved with the chemicals of emotion. We can take on beliefs from others, get programmed from our environment and also inherit them from our ancestors. These get ingrained in our energy field and manifest in the physical world.


How we know what is going on internally is what shows up (or doesn’t) on the external.


The positive attributes of beliefs and belief systems are things such as efficiency, short cuts and connecting the dots. What I am talking about are the harmful effects of negative ones.


Many belief systems and programs make you believe in limitations, fear and lack. It's important to question if we are living life from our conscious desires, or what programs/beliefs have been imprinted on us. Part of this human experience is uncovering and releasing all the layers that aren’t even who we are.


Lots of core beliefs we developed before we even became conscious. Ages 0-7 we are complete sponges with no filter downloading everything around us.


Some common downloaded programs and beliefs:

  • Not good enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Not pretty enough
  • Good girls should be seen and not heard
  • Boys shouldn’t cry
  • Money is the root of all evil


While mindset is a key element for success it goes even deeper for true transformation. 


Our conscious mind, which is 5% of who we are, cannot fully override the subconscious 90-95% of who we are. Remember my episode when I was 5? This is the problem with affirmations. If there is internal incongruence it's like having to constantly battle with yourself. It is exhausting until you learn efficient ways to communicate directly with your subconscious mind.


As humans we change and evolve from the inside out.


According to and proven many times by Dr. Joe Dispenza and his research team, 95% of who we are by age 35 is a set of unconscious memorized habits. These habits can be beliefs, and behaviors. Your free will gets lost to these programs.


You can never change unless you change your energy.


When you change the emotional bonds, you have changed the energy. This changes every area of your life.  It is very difficult to change from your conscious mind. Energy is what changes matter. So we work with energy.


“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetitions and emotion will one day become our reality,” - Earle Nightingale


Power of Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion and are massive sources of power. Healthy emotions are expressed more efficiently. Think of when you have found yourself laughing. It feels good and the emotion has a natural wave that rises and falls. You would be very exhausted if you were stuck in a moment of laughter. The same is true with emotions that are labeled negative such as anger, sadness, guilt and anxiety. But the majority of negative emotions tend to get stuck.


Emotions create long term memories. Experiences create emotions and can leave a footprint. In many cases you can marry negative emotions to one person/experience and get stuck in the past. Think of it like a holding pattern.


Negative emotions have a different energy signature and often are prevented from expressing because they are uncomfortable.


These become trapped and over time can begin to harm your body and your life. Plus they are fantastic ways to feed negativity in many forms. They are a key competent for  dis-ease and empowers belief creation. And yes, there are also negative entities that feed off of them. That is another conversation.


When this energy is locked down it gets trapped. These chemicals have to flow freely and need our conscious awareness to release them. The body has to acknowledge it. You can change the internal programming by calling out what is causing the constriction. This is how powerful you are.


How the Belief Code® Works

Belief Code® is Level 3 training based on the foundation of the Emotion Code® and Body Code. Here we are unraveling belief systems. It's an elegant and mathematical way to clear and cut down faulty systems. We use a combination of all 3 levels to clear belief systems.


The human body is a binary computer without a screen. It gives information through symptoms and behaviors. 


Symptoms can be a sign of both good and good. Symptoms are feedback from the body, we work to decode and clear what is in the way.


The most important part working with belief systems, which I found lacking in some of the other modalities I trained in, is cutting down the power source.


A faulty belief system is self contained and can regenerate.


For example you can find parts of the belief system and clear it but if it is attached to something larger it may come back. It's like the mythical creature Hydra, cut off one head and another grows back. We need to locate and clear what is giving the system life.


In simple terms, we work to find all parts of the system, (see photo) then clear what brought the system to life along with the system. Not all beliefs are full systems. Some beliefs exist alone in your energetic field as a statement, such as "I am unworthy'.


The main Belief Code® categories (that go into subcategories) are:

  • Divine
  • Insight
  • Communication
  • Love
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Survival
Belief Code

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Belief Code

Description of Parts of Faulty System

The Emotion Code® & Body Code™

Emotions are one of the building blocks to this entire human experience. Trouble happens when we have an accumulation of negative emotions that get trapped in our body.


These trapped energies create havoc in many ways. The Emotion Code® is the system that discovers, decodes and releases trapped emotions.


The Body Code™ is the next level of The Emotion Code®. This technique can discover and remove root causes to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Dr. Bradley's life work led to the understanding that ill health and many life’s problems can be traced back to 6 specific imbalances.


Each of the 6 categories have their own subcategories. I have found trapped energies in areas such as a specific tooth, to thyroid glands. Its unlimited and multifaceted.

The main Body Code categories include:

  • Energies
  • Circuits or Systems
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Structural misalignment
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition


This intricate body-mind map system, developed by Dr. Bradley and his team, is unique in locating the root cause. We are guided to the answers through muscle testing. I created a brief overview of the software that you can check out here.

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Possible Benefits of Belief Code® Work

Results Clients I have worked with experienced:

  • Finding their voice after years of feeling silenced
  • Courage and calmness to be who they truly are
  • Creating more wealth and abundance with ease
  • Clearing the path of self healing
  • Dissolving invisible walls that create more love and connection
  • More love and connection with self
  • Setting boundaries with love and grace
  • Releasing ancestral trauma
  • No longer pretending to be who they are not
  • Have more connection to God and life purpose

Breakthrough to the Next Level Without Having to Sacrifice Time

With this work we can discover how your body knows how to heal and let go of imbalances. As the vehicle you drive in this life, you can help guide it towards creating more of what you want.


It's the same way I have released hundreds of blocks that I didn't even know were STILL there (even after decades of personal growth!). Opening the doors towards more love, health and prosperity. Remember, healthy living is not only about the physical, it's a whole life approach.

What is The Process of Working with You?

I work remotely.  Through email only. The gives us flexibility and freedom.


The reason why I work this way  is because I work directly with your subconscious mind. Coaching your subconscious mind to guide me towards what we can release and/or clear. I have no distractions and can work with greater ease and clarity.


This also means there is no need to be in person, book a call, or jump on zoom.  Very convenient! Feel free to check out some testimonials here.


With your permission I enter into an energetic connection. Using quantum entanglement I stand in for you, while decoding the information and clearing imbalances. I decipher this information through strategic questions, using the The Body Code™ and Belief Code® bodymap system and muscle testing. 


The energy I pull from is the God Source energy, and unconditional love for you. You are your own healer, I become the medium between you, your body and the God Source energy. 

How Do The Sessions Work?

After you purchase your choice of session(s) on your invoice there will be a client intake form. Please fill that out so we can get started. 


Expect an email within 24-48 hours on weekdays. I will let you know I received your information and will respond with the day I am working energetically with you. 


I do clearings only Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. You do not have to do anything on the day I am working on you. Your body will process in a safe manner.  You will receive a detailed report of what we cleared.


Many questions can be answered on the frequently asked questions page here. Please watch the short video below for a quick description.