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Latest Articles by Makayla Léone

An ESSENTIAL Essential Oil

Before I tell you what essential oil I am talking about, I have a short story for you. About a chemist named René- Gattefossé . René was born in 1881 and his father founded Gattefossé establishments in 1880. The company produced essential oils, and raw...

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A Surprising Elixir For YOUTH!

Any guess on what this magical potion is? Well its not a potion. Nor is it a magic pill, yet if you start to add this it can transform your life. Its lifting, or weight bearing exercises. It can be as simple as starting with light barbells and building...

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Why You MUST See The Bodies Exhibit

Have you ever taken a moment, to grasp how amazing the human body is?The intricate design that makes up our body communicates in harmony... without us even thinking about it. If we had to orchestrate how everything fits together, our brains wouldn't be...

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The Secret To Stopping Yo-Yo Dieting

What happens with the elusive cycle of the yo-yo diet? Let me go into what happens, then I will break it down and decode it for you.   The cycle goes like this....   Person doesn't like the way they look or feel and focus to lose weight. They might want to...

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How To Feel Great Setting A Boundary!

Setting healthy boundaries allows your true, authentic self to emerge. The more you, you become, the more joy you will begin to experience. A clue when you need to set a boundary with someone, is when you feel the emotions, anger and frustration. I like to...

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Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops with Makayla Léone

Makayla has traveled worldwide as performer with Armed Forces Entertainment (Division of USO), and taught communication in seminars internationally as well as spoken for various organizations as a keynote, and as a spokesperson. With over 20+ years in the Entertainment Field, and 14 years in the wellness arena she brings a unique style of integration and fun. Your audience will come away from her event energized, enlivened and excited for the power they discover they have in their own lives.

Best Selling Books 

Ms. Léone gives the reader valuable information on dealing with all the things that impact the way you look and feel. She helps you understand the connection between the way you think – your mindset – and the way that shows up in how you look and feel. You will get a good overview of diet and nutrition, stress – the causes and remedies, and how your mindset affect your looks. Makayla writes in a very conversational style. She is very open and honest, sharing some painful experiences that she has lived and worked through. You will be inspired by her story. She covers a wide range of topics but does so in an easy to understand manner. She gives lots of advice on different products that you will want to consider but she is not endorsing or pushing any particular product or brand. Her goal with this book is to help you look and feel your best.

Whether you realize it or not, you carry within yourself a mental blueprint of who you believe you are. This image is your own creation, built from your values, beliefs, successes, failures and every experience you have ever had. This book is about breaking through and understanding some of the barriers that have kept you from experiencing and accessing your brilliant true nature and potential. It is a simple, practical and extremely real guidebook to help transform various areas of your life and will help open your mind to all the possibilities available to you in your life.

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