Makayla is a fantastic Transformation Mentor. Having worked with her I can honestly tell you that she is kind, and so deeply motivated to help you move past your stuff towards your potential. Was blocked with some baggage with was preventing me from taking action. After working with her I had a massive shift and new sense of confidence to move forward and since then I have made some amazing dreams come true!

Michele Broad (WellWomen Network, Me Time Journal )

I have worked with every high-end business coach, expert and guru you can find. I have spent tens-of-thousands on personal development, business workshops, conferences and events. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, financially I remained stuck at the same level for nearly a decade. It was only after a Platinum Breakthrough with Makayla that things transformed. Within 4 weeks I made more money and profit then the ENTIRE previous year. Within 6 weeks I had doubled that amount and within 8 weeks it had tripled. I went from being stuck financially, to making 3 years salary in only two months. It was life altering.

Travis Cody (Best Selling Author, Copywriter, Entrepreneur)

It’s 2 weeks since my session with Makayla. I went through the Platinum Breakthrough in relationships and it also helped with my career and personal growth. Makayla’s intuition patience and tools helped to unblock some painful experiences that prevented me from success. I finally feel free! I am taking more risks and seeing results in all areas of my life. If you are willing to give it your all, you will witness transformation and results in your life. To your health, wealth and happiness!

Alisa Schulz (Actress, Model, Photographer)

Before working with Makayla I was feeling quite stuck. Within the four months of my working with her I had completely written a book from scratch, and, in spite of be terrified, performed in front of 150 people who were quite delighted with my show.

I can’t tell you how she did it, but the results speak for themselves.

Michael McCarrell (Author, Entrepreneur)

Makayla’s ability was evident the moment we met and spoke, completely putting me at ease and eliminating any fears I had. I sought her out for multiple situations because of her knowledge, expertise, guidance, patience and non judge-mental attitude. After our session I excelled and received measurable results and conquered what was keeping me back in life. She taught me how to break through boundaries, open your heart, take risks which made me a better person and even more successful. I opened up my own business and now I am thriving! Makayla is truly a gift from the Heavens combined with her knowledge she will help to transform your life like she has mine.

Sabastian Reich (Owner Sabastian Celebrity Skincare/Spa)

Disclaimer– As with any type of consulting and coaching experience it is up to the participant to do the work and get the results. I have the tools to guide and assist you along the way. Think of a hero on their journey, they must go on the path but for expedited success mentors can help them get to their destinations, even when there are obstacles. These are exceptional with their results, and its possible for you when you commit to the transformation of your life.

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