As modern women, we need to nourish ourselves in order to give more. Yet in today’s world it can be a challenging task with the demands of family, career and more. I have heard your call and created something just for you. A simplified and invigorating solution for you with this unique, immersive and heart filled retreat that feeds the feminine soul.


I cordially invite you to revive yourself and to join this healing experience that will help you recharge, embrace your feminine power and be in a community of supportive and like minded women. This private and exclusive retreat will help you become more authentic and confident in your life as well as learning simple and natural ways for wellness, beauty and longevity.


This mind, body and soul journey is designed for the modern day woman with nature inspired activities, meditation, yoga, dance, art and personal work to become more of who you truly are and deepen the relationship with yourself and others.


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During This Weekend Event You'll Discover How To...

  • Tap into your feminine powers and love your body
  • Create new healthy habits effortlessly
  • Bond with high vibrational women
  • Learn more about energy and spirituality
  • Eliminate the mental and emotional blocks that sabotage your goals
  •  Communicate better with yourself and others
  • Super-charge your mind, will power and resolve so that you have an unfair advantage in living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create instant bursts of energy wherever and whenever you need


It took me years, thousands of hours of study and a lot of 'Dead Ends'... Yet I finally found a way and became a "Dignified Beauty™" in the process. It will be my pleasure to help you do the same.


Dignified Beauty™ is all about respecting and taking care of yourself. Honoring your sacred body, mind and spirit with grace no matter your size, age or race.


BONUS - The Dignified Beauty™ Power Pack

As a bonus for signing up on the list you will receive these complementary audios.

This power pack of audios I created are in my arsenal of anti-aging and wellness techniques. I chose a blend that complements healthy living, weight loss and helping to make choices towards longevity and health.

Each audio has an introduction and a full 15-20 minute session that guides you into relaxation and bliss.


This 5 bundle $47 package includes:

1. Your Perfect Body
2. Instant Energy Boost
3. Lose The Weight and Keep it Off
4. The Hunger Helper
5. Fast Food Freedom


Hypnotic Meditations™  are based in human psychology and human potential. They are designed to create long lasting change with repetition.The audios are a cross between guided meditation and hypnosis, where you can listen easily without effort.

Whatever your needs, from healthy living, focus, relationships and more. The blend can create deep relief, energy renewal and new habits.


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