Frequently Asked Questions


Being a Quantum Energy Coach I clear imbalances.  I am skilled at listening, clearing and 'coaching' the body to guide me on what can be released to assist you.

Any deeper questions about the human body I invite you to discuss with a professional.

Energy healing does not diagnose, or is a cure. Energy healing is not therapy or counseling. If counseling work or therapy is desired I encourage you to seek the professional assistance you need.

What this work does, is clear out the energy that is getting in the way of the body healing itself.

Healing can include anything. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Each session is unique. Your body might suggest something that can assist you, and that is something you can look into. So some sessions there might be homework for you.

Some practitioners do phone calls or video calls.

When I clear imbalances, I work through email.

Truthfully, as a highly sensitive empath... it's more efficient for me to bypass the conscious thinking mind and go directly to the source in your subconscious. I can sense things on a deep level.

Unlike traditional therapy, where you are encouraged to talk about stories, this disrupts the process. I look for the root causes so we can clear it, in order for you to create the life you want. 

Traditional therapy has its importance, and in my past I did go to many. It is recommended depending on where you are in your journey. This work is all about clearing imbalances. 

Additionally, when I worked briefly as a Private Investigator I have the ability tap into unique questioning techniques. When there are no distractions, (noise, talking, outside disturbances, missing calls etc..) I can serve you better.

Pure connection and focus.

The human body is self healing, when balanced and the correct tools. In the field of Quantum Physics, it has been scientifically proven that everything is energy. We are all connected.

With your permission I enter into an energetic connection. Using quantum entanglement I stand in for you, while decoding the information and clearing imbalances. I decipher this information through strategic questions and muscle testing.

The energy I pull from is the God Source energy, and unconditional love for you. You are your own healer, I become the medium between you, your body and the God Source energy.

They are trapped energy about the size of a clench fist that gets stuck in the body. Trapped emotions can expand when being triggered, which may keep us feeling that emotion on a daily basis.  The more balanced and healthier you are, you can experience emotions that are more appropriate and process easily. 

The emotional process can be interrupted by overwhelm, illness, other imbalances, resistances, treating the body poorly, or by refusing to acknowledge the learnings. 

Overtime trapped emotions can create havoc in our lives, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. They can lodge anywhere in the body.

Watch how Dr. Bradley describes it here.

A stimulus occurs in your world. Then a thought is created. From that thought a frequency is generated in an organ or gland. This can also trigger memories from a past event. This then influences our thoughts, actions and how the body responds. From here the emotion gets processed or it gets stuck. If your body is imbalanced it can be more difficult to process. Imbalances can include anything. Physical, mental (beliefs), emotional….and more.  


Your feelings are your response, to the events in your world - how you engage (relationships etc). Its based more on our perceptions and conditioning.

It is the combination of a thought mixed with emotion.

Your emotions are a frequency of energy that rolls through your being. They are created from within your body.

It gives your body a signal… its a feedback mechanism.


You can read the article I wrote here.

Dr. Bradley describes the heart wall in a short video here.

Science has proven that we can inherit memories just as we can inherit eye color. Inherited imbalances can be anything we take on during the moment of conception. In the energetic realm this opens up to many possibilities. This can include emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sicknesses, physical imbalances, memories, and more... When we discover and clear this type of imbalance, we also release it from anyone else that is connected to it (living or not).

Anything .Everything is energy. When our energetic blueprint is imbalanced, this can affect our physical bodies. This can be in the form of dis-ease, pain, self sabotage, chronic issues, career, relationships, depression and addictions to name a few. We work to heal and clear the energy so that your physical body can heal itself. The magic is you.

This is why we use muscle testing, and how it looks in person. Dr. Bradley demonstrates it here.

No, since there is a human factor involved. It is an art as well as a science. Still, you may be very surprised at the accuracy of clearings, and the possible relief afterwards.

No. Every imbalance we clear/balance and release is included in the session.

When we identify a specific emotional imbalance and release it, that ball of energy leaves the body. It's kind of like when you have a credit card after a magnet is passed through it. It gets canceled/transformed and neutralized.

After the release it does not come back. That specific and unique frequency from a moment in time. You will still have emotions, but it will be shifted.

Imbalances we clear in the body are the same. Think in terms of frequency and vibration. A specific frequency, once discovered and released is ‘canceled’ out. 

There might be recurring issues in the body, this may mean we need to dig deeper. The body will give up information in layers and each journey is unique to the individual. Additionally there might be things you will need to consider in the physical realm to assist your healing.

This is the Body Code Software I use when connecting with you and your subconscious mind.

It was designed and created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Here I walk you through a quick overview. You can check it out here.

It is a powerful and effective method that discovers and releases faulty belief systems.

The Discovery Healing website describes it here.

In all my studies and credentials  (including NLP, Hypnosis, Mental and Emotional Release Therapy) this method is the one that creates more long term results for myself, family and clients.

You can only be a practitioner of Belief Code, if you have gone through Emotion Code and Body Code prior. Many principles you need to comprehend in order to work with energy.

We are all different. Different backgrounds and life experiences. These are big factors for the healing process. The #1 thing is being open and willing to let go. Another factor is shifting things in your current environment to complement your journey. Some things you might notice right away are more emotional clarity and calm.

Keep in mind that the longer you have had an issue, the more layers might need to be uncovered and cleared. Spacing your sessions out about a week apart for specific concerns is a great place to start. Then you can schedule maintenance sessions. Some clients receive benefits from 1-3 sessions for a specific issues, then maintenance/checkups. Other things might take longer. Its a unique journey.

Yes. Under 18 years old the guardian gives permission for me to work with them.

Many people report feeling lighter and more clear after a session. Some have immediate relief for issues, others it may take a little longer or more sessions. It is a personal journey for everyone and unique. You might also feel tired, or a little off a day or two after a session as the body is releasing. Especially with emotions. This is what is called 'echoes of emotions'. This is normal and usually passes after a couple of days.

Regardless if you 'feel' anything, a layer has been removed towards your healing. Hydrate, and be kind to yourself during this process. To assist with any symptoms, I balance the chakras and the magnetic field after every session.

It is possible as trapped imbalances are identified and cleared, you can re-experience the memories as they leave. They are leaving for good, and you have freed them. It is called the 'echoes of emotions/memories'. It is brief. It leaves the learning and memory without the negative charges. Other times you may not remember where the trapped energy came from, that is fine as long as your are ready to let it go. Some things are best not to re-identify, just clear. If a memory comes up and you want to confirm that it was the culprit, you can simply ask if the memory in your mind was it, and I can answer 'yes' or 'no.'  There's no need to divulge details. 

Processing is what happens on the energetic level, which can take 24-48 hours after the session.

Integration is how the body will integrate the work. This can take days, weeks, or months depending on the imbalances cleared. Its a unique journey.

No. It is helpful to share relevant information for the issues we are working on. Even though you have moved on, there might be some stuff stuck there. Oftentimes current issues might even be connected to something completely different then what you would expect. Anything can be anything. Your body is a magnificent and amazing system.

Some issues will take longer to clear. It is an individual path to healing. The physical realm can take longer to experience results. And things may not appear as you suspect.

Consider looking at other areas of improvement in your life. What we clear positively impacts you in many ways. 

Common things to look for are feeling lighter, more balanced, less reactive. Setting boundaries is easier. Making different choices and having new perspectives. Feeling free of past memories. Being more confident and calm.

No! While intuitive in nature, this work is not psychic. I am an empath and healer, not a psychic. I read what is blocking your natural healing. There are times your body wants you to know more about something we find. I narrow it down to the year (give or take 1-4 years). If your body wants you to know more I ask about the area in life, and a few more basic details that would help you remember. This remembrance is a way of self healing.  I will never dig for super details for my own curiosity. And rest assured, there is nothing I uncover I would ever judge you for.

Finding the right practitioner is a personal one. Learn to tap inside to what feels congruent with you. How does their energy feel to you? Many healers, like myself, have been on a healing and spiritual path for a long time. In fact I can describe my entire life as a pattern breaker!

Here is my short background. As an experiential learner I have lived many lives, and seen so many different things. From dance, acting, modeling, psychology, marketing, teaching, alternative medicine, forensics, spirituality to even taking flying lessons. While exciting, the first 35 years of my life, I was stuck in self destructive programs.

To get raw and real here… after a failed marriage, years of low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behavior and lack of growth in my professional life I decided to look into myself as an experiment. My inner world was war torn and chaotic. I battled the demons of self hate, which included an eating disorder, unhealthy intimate relationships, financial strain and physical illness..

I became my #1 Client, streamlined my focus and dedicated my studies to my own personal development. It became my mission to heal and integrate aspects of myself to create more wholeness and internal alignment. Now I help you get results quicker, by releasing trapped imbalances, which help you have more control to shape your life how YOU want it.

Check the rest out on my about me page for my credentials.

Animals are incredible beings and amazing empaths. This process works wonderfully with animals.

I have personally experienced a few miracles with our cats.

I have found that working with animals, it can equally be important to work with their owners for sustained improvement. On occasion I work with animals, but its not something I do on a regular basis.

I only do Energy Clearing on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. 

Sessions range from 25-35 minutes. Using focus and specific language we dive deep into the most important associations causing the issues.

Without this direction and focus, the subconscious mind can take all day if you allow it.

We aim for 'key' logs. In the past, logging in forestry was pretty intense. Trained professionals would assess log jams, and calculate the 'key' logs to move in order for the jams to flow.

That is how we work. Seeking the 'key' log imbalances that will allow more clearing, flow and self healing.

Please check many of the live demos from Dr. Bradley Nelson. You can watch a Body Code demo here.

Here is demo Dr. Bradley Nelson did with the Belief Code. You can watch it here.

When I work, its fast (as I am not teaching or doing a demo) and looks like I am having a conversation with the screen.

On the payment link you will have many options.

You can definitely check out testimonials from the Discovery Healing website:

There are many also included in The Emotion and Body Code books.