Magical Tool To Declutter Your Mind


Have you ever felt like your brain was running so fast and you can never catch up?

How about having a constant stream of mental baggage that creates a chaotic disaster?

Or having intense emotional feelings that put you on edge?


If your answer is YES to any of these, (which it must be because you are reading this) I have good news for you!


Your mind is begging you to do some release work and clear out some space, and I am going to teach you what I do to remedy this situation!

First of all, it’s important for you to realize that you are a whole being. Your mind, body, emotions are not separate, and its ideal when you can function as a whole combining these.

In our over stimulating  information age it can be challenging, as we bombarded all the time. Never a moment’s rest…


Think of if like hoarding.


Have you ever seen that on the news, or met someone like that? I have, and it’s pretty intense. Especially as I am the opposite….

What happens when you have a ton of trash, and you keep adding more trash?

You can never find anything, and other things are hiding beneath the layers.

It’s like this one friend I had in the past.  I never knew she was a hoarder until I visited.

While it made me very uncomfortable, it gave me a unique metaphorical insight. I did see this reflective in her behavior, and her life but I want to address what is hiding beneath the surface.

When there is garbage everywhere, what does that attract? Vermin.

Vermin like cockroaches, mice and more.

She had other roommates in her home that fed on the trash that surrounded her. They would nibble, hide, but never leave since they had a steady supply.


The same is in your mind. What are you feeding it? What is feeding ON it?


My magical tool to clean the house in my mind is a simple exercise called, cleaning your head trash.

The reason why I do it is for clarity, emotional calm and focus. Especially when the vermin is coming out of the shadows and feeding on trashy thoughts.

Here is the thing, not only do you have your own thoughts but you can pick up on other things. Ideas from the media, news and more…


You want that OUT of you…because it can spoil your thoughts and eventually spill into your life experience.

1)It goes like this. Take some quiet time and get a notebook and a pen. You must do this, no typing.

2)Now, give yourself the ultimate permission to express what is going on inside. EVERYTHING.


If its vile, no judgement, write it out… because it’s in you and it needs to come out. In a way it’s like an exorcism.

It usually is an emotional experience and you might discover some interesting things. Part of it is our shadow, but no judgement…that is a longer conversation. Just let it flow, let the things that are overcrowding your thoughts out. Take them out to the trash.


When it’s done, avoid looking at what you wrote. That would be like eating regurgitated food, yuck!


Now shred it….complete this step to finish taking out the trash for good.

Do this as often as you need. It can release you from the chains of turmoil, and lead you to love, forgiveness and purpose.

When you are able to express yourself, without fear it can set you free. Preventing things like more stress, emotional chaos, violent episodes and illness.

I am a calm, loving and more rounded human being because I do this. I accept both my light and dark and my emotions do not control me anymore.


Will teach more on emotions, so stay tuned. But first, go clean out some head trash.


Feel free to check out my book, Unlock Your Genius, where I dive deep into the emotional realm and how to have more emotional awareness and control.



Makayla Leone

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