Winning Tactics For Aging


The truth is you are not the only one concerned about aging….it is something that affects us all. But what exactly is it?

As you know, I like to simplify things…so from a big picture perspective, aging is the deterioration of living forms.

It happens to all living material in some way.

It can be an accumulation of many different elements that reflect how something ages. From environment, lifestyle, food, habits, genetics, and even psychologically.

When it comes to your long term goals you can help this inescapable process occur in a more enjoyable way.


By the choices you make.


The reality is that we are all living longer. This means that you and I will be in our bodies for quite some time. Discovering ways that you can pro-age will create a better life experience.

As an advisor and healthy living guide, my desire is to inspire you to make changes that are attainable for you. This involves being more aware and conscious of yourself and your beautiful body.


The biggest factor for accelerated aging is stress.


Stress is a diverse and massive topic since it involves so much. This can be stress from life, career, your diet, lack of nutrients, lack of exercise, illness, dis-ease,  emotional chaos, toxins, and the list goes on….

Stress will make your cells age faster. It shortens your telomeres and your DNA strands.

What that means is, that every human cell has 46 chromosomes. 50% come from your mother and the other 50% from your father.

These chromosomes act like a DNA book collection that is  organized. The DNA has two protective caps on them known as telomeres. When these telomeres shorten, it causes your cells to age and die faster. Telomere protect the vital information in your DNA.

Telomeres are kind of like the plastic tops on shoe laces…and your DNA the shoe laces. Once the shoelace tips fall off, the shoe lace shreds!

As I mentioned, stress affects every aspect in your life. Health, work, relationships and more….

Stress leaves no part of your body untouched. You are a whole being. Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

ALSO the stress hormone cortisol also breaks down collagen, and less collagen means weaker skin and more wrinkles!!!


So how does one pro-age? Why improve your aging skills!


I define it as a whole body approach, to look and feel younger… while maintaining wellness, confidence and your unique beauty at every age.

In our younger years, we tend to be more reckless and might have burned the candle at both ends many times. Yet, in our late 30’s and especially as we enter our 40’s something tends to shift…

I am much more aware of time, and also how things are shifting with my body. This doesn’t have to be a bad process. It does takes a big shift in your mind and applying your wisdom towards how you want your next few decades to appear. There are many ways to win at aging.


What you can do right now is to start where you are.


Create a vision of how you would like to show up in your later years. Success leaves clues… I encourage you to discover models of excellence and see what is possible and avoid buying into the lie that aging has to be awful.

Stop comparing yourself to others, that is the death of dreams. Your dreams matter. Appreciate others success in health and that will open up the doors for you.

It is never too late to make changes that can support you, no matter how you have lived. My goal for you is to look at maturing in a different way and decide what it can mean for you.

You and I won’t be able to escape aging… but we can pro-age with grace, our unique beauty and radiant health.



Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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