Ancient Map Decodes Your Beauty Woes


What if you could actually communicate with what your body and skin was telling you?

What if this helped you take the stress out of skin, and decoded secrets about your skin?

Would you want to know how?


GOOD! Keep reading.


With many of the things I teach and share, I come from a more holistic and integrative approach. Blending science and the natural.

Your body is the greatest chemistry lab, and most magnificent machine created.


When I worked in spas, I was lucky to learn a lot about the body and skin. Many of my friends where estheticians and I loved learning… discovering skincare.


I would use my knowledge of the body, and blend it with beauty because there is no separation. It has worked very well for me, and what I am about to share may seem simple, but simple is powerful.


This ancient technique is a reference point for many skin experts. Now you will have it too!

Its face map  reading, from Chinese Medicine. Kind of like foot reflexology but on your face.

Face mapping has given me clues in a holistic way so that I can take better care of myself and my skin. Whether you believe in it or not, I am convinced that it works.

This is in no way meant to replace advice given by medical professionals. It is a map to put in your health and beauty toolbox.


I turned to face mapping when I was going through a massive breakout phase and was desperate.


I was using every type of mask, treatment and cream possible, which of course overstressed my skin… and stressed me out even more!

I trained in reflexology and I had some knowledge of face mapping. Since nothing else was working, I decided to give it my full attention. I am happy that I did.

Here are some big picture ideas on what the skin condition may or may not mean:

Your body is always talking.  Are you listening….?


Here is the breakdown.

Digestive System and Bladder:
When you’ve got poor digestion, the body will have difficulties breaking down food. There may be a large buildup of toxins. Make sure you add more water to your diet to flush out the toxins and help with elimination.

Congestion in this area might mean an over consumption of alcohol and a build of toxins in your liver. Your liver is the first line of defense when it comes to detoxifying food. You liver can get stressed and overworked. Cut back on sugary foods.

Dehydration and poor elimination in kidneys might lead to dark circles and puffiness. Hydrate and get more sleep.

If your heart is under emotional stress, or stress from diet and lifestyle it might show up in this area.

May or show respiratory distress. Smokers and allergy sufferers might have fine broken capillaries in this area. Additionally it can also reflect the pollution around you. Blemishes on the lower part of your cheeks might be gingivitis. Avoid smoking and even second hand smoke.

Congestion might stem from excessive stress and hormones. Adding more fiber to your diet, and drinking more water will help with elimination. Find ways to de-stress.

Gynecological / Hormonal:
High stress and hormonal imbalances might cause congestion here. Hormonal imbalances due to monthly periods for women are common.  Stress and other causes could link your acne and hormones together. Some medication will also cause a reaction in this area.


Happy organs = Healthy Body


Take the saying that beauty is only skin deep to another level, doesn’t it?

While face mapping can be a map of our inner health, there are other factors that can contribute to skin issues.  Factors such as personal hygiene, clothing, cleaning products, weather, diet and lifestyle.

If you don’t listen to your body, particular symptoms can accumulate and, if not attended to, cause you to crash.

This happens because your immunity will get so low that you get sick or ill.

One of the biggest shifts on my skin health in the last few years is to pay ongoing attention to what my skin is telling me.

If my complexion is shallow, that is a shift telling me something.

If I get dark circles under my eyes, that also means something. It could be fatigue from lack of sleep, my diet or even stress.

If it is hot or flushed, something is happening that could be a reaction, such as an allergy.

The cause may be something I have never experienced before. Your body and skin are always communicating.


Are you listening?


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Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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