How To Look Younger Naturally & Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

On occasion people have told me that I have nice skin, and then ask how old I am… which is always a woman’s favorite question!

When they discover my actual age the next question is…

“What is YOUR secret to looking younger?

They wonder how I have avoided deep lines on my face up until now
… and how I look the way I do.


When did a 1970’s kid become old??

I remember being on a date once in my late-30’s when my date asked me how old I was.  (*Note to guys: not a good question on the first date!).

When I answered… “38”, he looked at me with one eyebrow up. He then asked how I could look younger then my age and wondered if I used Botox.

He even asked me raise my eyebrows to prove it to him! Needless to say, that was our first and ONLY date. I do think Mr. Charming might still be single!

Grateful that I am married now to the love of my life, who never asked me that on our first date! WISE man.

In this article (written in 2019) I will share with you HOW I have been able to maintain a youthful appearance… in a natural way.

Curious how?  Keep reading!

I starting modeling when I was 15. 


I had a lot of passion for the field…

…and I would read every beauty magazine, tip and article that I could find.  And at 15, I would get up at 6 a.m. and do Cindy Crawford’s “Super Model Workout.”

That’s dedication for a teenager!

So when I am asked about how I have achieved results… I had to break down my routine since it has become habit.

I am now going to share with you everything I can think of as I retrace my steps over two-and-a-half decades. It is a compilation of what I am the most passionate about in health, wellness and beauty.

There is nothing mysterious, “secret” or expensive about my methods.  It is more about building the Health & Beauty Habits that will create the result you want. I will also share some of my favorite products that have helped me.

Let’s get started!

Laying The Foundation To Look Younger

Like most people in their early teens, I looked and felt awkward. I rarely think anyone goes through those years unscathed. How were your teenage years? I have forgotten most of mine… on purpose!

So… after I grew into my features I wanted to be like my next door neighbor who went into modeling. There definitely was a part of me that no longer wanted to be so odd… more about that later.

The great thing about this experience is that the healthy things I learned would prove to serve me in my future.

There was a seed planted early in my brain on how to use more natural methods for self care. In fact my favorite magazine back in the 1990’s was Woman’s World.

This began my fascination in health, wellness and beauty.

Attaining a healthy appearance is not something that happens overnight… or with miracle solutions or treatments.

…don’t expect to wake up one morning and see a rejuvenated face after not taking care of yourself.

While we do live in a world of quick fixes, to look younger and feel great takes time and the dedication to create a habit. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth you need to do it daily to be effective.


What I am sharing with you is not new or revolutionary.  In fact, many of these tips you may have heard before. They may even sound very “common sense” because, well, they are common sense!

I have practiced many of them and I am here to share with you what has worked for me. I hope this inspires you to take your health into your own hands. You have more power than you think when it comes to results in your life.

But first let me be honest…

Being a woman in today’s world can be a tough journey!  In a world obsessed with youth you are bombarded with the pressure to maintain it all.

Seductive promises of the quick fix hide behind slick hype and manufactured marketing. And the latest skin care “miracle” usually costs several hundred dollars.

On a personal note…

I have looked for ways that are simple, cost effective, easy to maintain and produce results.

Health and beauty isn’t something only for the rich and famous!


Additionally to being a model/performer I spent many years working in the spa as a massage therapist.  If there were ever a “central hub” for beauty care and beauty products, the spa industry would be it.

I am lucky and grateful that I worked in many spas. I had exposure to different experts and treatments that opened my eyes to what is available. Not to mention how I blended what I learned, with my knowledge of the human body.

Early in the introduction I mentioned that I am almost 45 and have managed to prevent deep wrinkles… without botox. In my later years I will be shifting to different methods but would it be worth it to you to know how I did it up until now?

Every decade of maturing is different and a key factor to aging in a healthy and graceful way is how you approach it. It happens to us all. Why not face it with kindness and education instead of battling it? I call it PRO-Aging.

While there is the obvious physical factor, what goes on inside is very important. Stress management and inner confidence are solid structures for creating a healthy life.

I have used myself as an experiment over the years. It is my pleasure to help cut your learning by sharing what I discovered.

As we move forward together…

I only ask that you keep an open mind as I dive into some key factors that help you to look younger, and feel more confident.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” ~ Frank Zappa

Step 1: Beauty Protocol Basics

There are small, simple things that you need to be consistent with for results. The great thing is, these small routines compound over time and give you a greater net effect.

The result? You will look far younger than you actually are.

These are all simple practices that can keep your skin very supple and fresh.

Yes, they may seem simple and even common sense. Yet, 98% of women don’t do any of those. And then they wonder why they get wrinkles in their late 20’s!

Knowledge is power only when you use it.



I live in the same world as you and everyone else and it can definitely be a very busy one.  Time is the most valuable asset and trying to do everything at once is not productive or healthy.

When I am asked about healthy living and ways to look younger, one of the questions I often ask is “how is your sleep?” Sleep matters.

You and I both know how it feels with sleep deprivation… but do you know how much lack of quality affects your health?

I can appreciate busy lives, its called life. It is important to recognize what can do to you in the long run. And it’s NOT pretty.

Research shows that sleep affects health and appearance. Sleep is where you go into repair mode, regenerate and recharge. You cannot cheat with sleep. Your body’s exterior is also a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Sleep serves to regenerate the body.

Lack of quality sleep can make you look older, by the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, puffy skin to name a few. A lack of sleep can cause irritability, voids in memory, mood swings and increases in cholesterol. It can even leave the body susceptible to skin rashes and breakouts to the skin.

So in our fast-paced world and speedy lives, how can you incorporate better sleep? It depends on the individual, but determining to make sleep a vital part of your health and beauty regimen… is the first step.

It may be a matter of delegating tasks so that you can slow down and stop running on the hamster wheel. Sleep is the food that keeps your psyche and health strong..

You can read the full article on optimizing sleep here.


Water : Nature’s Soft Drink 

Hydrate on a regular basis. See I told you, common sense! Yet despite this common knowledge the majority ignores this.

Your cells need to have hydration, and one of the most important substances to the body is water… as it’s made of more than 70% water.

So the next question might be, how do you know if you are drinking enough water? Well the good thing is that when you start to pay attention you will notice things more. Examples are fine lines that appear overnight, blemishes and puffy eyes.

Your body is a magnificent machine and it is in constant motion… even if you are not.  You need water to filter out impurities and toxins so that they can exit your body.

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” ~Slovakian Proverb

While other drinks might give you a quick fix and false perception of hydration… long term that is harmful. One of the most important factors in PRO-aging is thinking long term.

Water is what clears toxins from your body and keeps your skin, cells and organs healthy.

Now, if you struggle with the boring taste of water we live in such a great time where you can learn how to adjust. Try adding lime, lemon or real fruits to your water. How about adding mint leaves? Be creative. Even set reminders to make sure you drink enough.

Avoid drinks that contain chemicals and excess sugar. Fruit juices are very guilty of this. It is better to eat fruit (for the fiber) vs drink the juice.

But… as you are building the habit of adding water it is okay to add a little bit of juice for flavor. Baby steps.

Too much refined sugar in your diet adds to the aging process!


Skincare : Keep It Simple

A key discovery for me when it comes to skin care has been simplicity. Whether it is using a moisturizer, serum, face mask or any other type of skincare.

There are way too many products out there so keep it simple… decide what result you want first. Then you can start the process on what to do for your skin.

Keep it as simple as possible. Do not overload your skin to a point that it becomes confused. Confusion leads to overwhelm. Keep it simple.


Wash Your Face

Cleansing your face at the end of the day is a major contributing factor to keeping your skin healthy.

Dirt, sweat and oil accumulate throughout the day and to prepare your skin for proper rest wash your face. There are different kinds of skin cleansers for each unique skin type.

Examples of this are gentle cleansing, deep cleansing, cleansing milk and acne cleansers. Choose what is right for your skin type and desired result.

I have combination skin so there are times I need a variation of those depending on what is happening. With dry skin it is beneficial to use cleansing milk to keep your skin soft. For skin that is very oily a normal cleanser will be great.

Do your best to choose products that are as natural as possible. Too many chemicals can harm your skin and health in the long term. You can read more about that here.


Exfoliate: The Key To Shedding Your Past

Gentle exfoliation helps your skin  sweep out old “gunk” that accumulates on the surface. It also helps to clear away dead skin cells and reveal new skin cells.

There are some products that are very good for the skin and there are some that are very harmful.  When I say gentle exfoliators I mean ones that feel gentle on the skin as opposed to abrasive. Your facial skin is delicate; be mindful of that.

A great example is a man who finished shaving his face. His skin usually is smooth as this is a way to exfoliate, by dragging the razor blade across the face.

The key is to find the right balance for your skin. Exfoliating is not necessary to do every day as you and I have different skin needs. Start with 1-2 a week and see how that works for you. Skin takes time to respond. Slow, steady and simple.

Have patience and remember that too much stripping of your skin can have the opposite effect.



Before I dive into moisturizers I am often asked about toners and if they are necessary. As a rule a toner is put on after you wash your face and prior to moisturizer. In my professional opinion its a personal choice. I rarely do, but IF I do I use plain witch hazel, or watered down apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. As you get to know your skin better you will be able to make this choice with more confidence and understanding.

Keep in mind that simple is always best. Skin can get confused if you stress it out.

Now, look for moisturizers tailored for your specific concern or result. Typical examples are acne, anti-aging, brown spots and dry skin. Make sure to use a product that contains sunscreen during the day. If your moisturizer does not contain sunscreen… look into make up products that offer sun protection. While I always use sunscreen, when I use a daily simple makeup I go for powder products that have sun protection.

I will help to simplify various options so that you can have more clarity and confidence.

The main thing to remember is to choose products designed for the result you desire. If needed seek out an expert’s advice on the steps to take and keep up the results on your own.


I go for products that have cleaner natural ingredients, vs harmful chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs what you put on it. You can read more on toxic chemicals in beauty products in an article I wrote HERE.

BE PATIENT. Your skin can take time to shift. We live in a world of immediate results and for long lasting results… you must lay down the foundation to build the bridge for the future and how you want to show up in your mature years.



There are so many anti-aging products out there that even I get confused! I have narrowed it down to some of the simplest and basic products that work. They have worked for me.

Once you get familiar with skin care you can explore more options. Until then, lets keep it simple!

Two of my favorite ingredients for anti-aging are retinol and glycolic acid.


What is Retinol?

Retinol based ingredients/products are a more gentle type of retinoid. Retinoids are strong, aggressive and prescription. Derived from vitamin A, your body is a natural producer of retinol. The reason why its an effective ingredient for anti-aging is that it helps skin cell turnover and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Because it increases cell turn over it creates a smooth complexion. With anything new, take baby steps. While skincare experts have said its safe for all skin types, take it slow. Making sure to apply in the evening, 1-2 week and building up.

Sometimes a break out does a occur from the skin turnover and dead cell coming to the surface. Be patient and ride it out if you can. Ask an expert for advice if needed.

There are retinol alternatives that are very gentle. Both retinol and retinol alternatives you can get without a prescription.

I have switched to glycolic acid as my go to now, but before that I used an organic retinol blend.


What is Glycolic Acid? 

Glycolic acid is an AHA, which stands for alpha hydroxy acid. This ingredient is natural, found in sugar cane, milk citrus and apples. It has the smallest molecules in the AHA family, which means it can penetrate skin better.

It also tackles fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell turnover. This creates a smoother complexion. It can also help lighten sun ad age spots and keep acne away. Like retinol its it ideal to take baby steps. Start with 1-2 a week in the evening.

Look for products that have a percentage of at least 10% for effectiveness.

There are spa chemical peels, but those are more intense. If you are starting at home, start slow to see how your skin reacts.

One note: An SPF is important to use when adding retinol or AHA’s to your routine because of sun sensitivity.



One of the most neglected beauty and health products is sunscreen. The GOOD news is that you can make a change and start taking care of yourself, no matter where you are in your life.

I love the sun and while I appreciate and love sunny days  I respect the power and strength of our sun.

I’ve come to realize that many people don’t give much thought to sunscreen, especially on a cloudy day.  The rays are still there, even if you don’t see them.

I once fell asleep on the sand by the ocean in California years ago on a cloudy day. I developed an amazing hue of a pink burn on my back, the day before a photo-shoot for my back! (I was a parts model & body double). Yes, in modeling, you can even have an agent for  your back. What a silly world it is!

The point here is to learn from me. PROTECT your skin.


It IS healthy to get safe doses of sunshine, especially for your vitamin D intake. The sun is the safest during early morning and late afternoon. I use a SPF of 15 to 50 on a daily basis, depending where I happen to be.

Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your neck and your décolleté, that area around your chest, because it is part of your face. That area on your chest area is very delicate and can age very quick if not taken care of.

Make sure that you also put sunscreen on your hands because your hands age, too.  In fact, have you noticed in Hollywood that most stars get so obsessed with their face… that they completely forget their hands. Yet, the hands are a dead giveaway.  While their face looks youthful, their hands can have a much different appearance.

Consistent proactive actions lead to consistent results.

Finally, wearing a hat and sunglasses if you’ll be outside for long periods of time. Wrinkles can form from squinting and hats protect the forehead, scalp and hair. Yes, the hair too.



Hyaluronic Acid: Is a clear lubricating substance produced in your body. Found in skin, joints and other tissues.

It delivers moisture to the skin and helps to hold it there, along with retaining collagen. It also helps to increase skin tone, adding to the appearance of being smooth and supple. Many injectables contain hyaluronic acid. A loss of hyaluronic acid is one of the primary causes of wrinkles, so adding more makes sense. You can even take supplements. Between the ages of 40-50 skin loses 50% of Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a great wrinkle plumper and moisturizer. It also helps to increase skin tone, adding to the appearance of being smooth and supple. A loss of hyaluronic acid is one of the primary causes of wrinkles, so adding more makes sense.


Collagen: Is the part of the skin’s structure that keeps your skin looking young. Unfortunately, as we age we lose collagen.

Think of it like a framework of fibers that are elastic. Over time, that framework starts to collapse because of the loss of collagen. It’s kind of like a rubber band:  The more you stretch it, the less stretchy it becomes.

That’s why as you age you will see the skin start to droop or sag: It’s lost the elastic strength to withstand gravity. This is one of the main reasons I teach what when you wash your face, and apply products you use upward strokes. Gravity is already pulling skin down, no need to help it along!

And in my experience, taking collagen is more effective then  applying to the skin. So in this case I do not use it on my face, but I know many people do.

Common Forms of Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen for Beauty
– Serum
– Moisturizer
– Eye Creams
– Face Spray
– Supplements/Powder



I have had my share with this uncomfortable situation and I am more than happy to share what has helped me.  I’m in my mid 40’s and I still get blemishes here and there.

What goes on the inside has an interesting way of showing up on your face at times.  As the body shows symptoms of what’s going on at a deeper level, so does the skin. I will get to this part very soon…..


With acne, products that contain salicylic acid are great and gentle. Salicylic acid is made from willow bark, a natural ingredient.  Pure lavender essential oil is very effective for shrinking and healing blemishes. It also helps with scar healing.

My secret weapon for healing blemishes and adding moisture to my skin are raw honey masks. You can read the full article I wrote here. Honey masks are excellent in pulling out impurities!

Other acne prevention tips, keep your face clean and avoid touching your face a-lot. Bacteria can get on your hands and also your phone!


FACIAL OIL – Honorable Mention

You might have heard how great facial oil is, especially for mature skin. But what type of oil?

My choice is always less chemicals, so I use plain jojoba oil with few drops of chosen essential oil. Frankincense is a great one for anti-aging and keeping skin firm. Jojoba is close to the sebum in human skin so it has less chance of clogging pores.

Now that you have the basics you can do this very well. Simplicity is queen!


How To Reduce Wrinkles Without Botox

As a natural and curious human (former private investigator – yup another story), I love to research. In my research I have spent a lot of time searching for ways to maintain a healthier skin glow and a healthy life.

In my 30’s I had to find alternatives to botox. I couldn’t afford it and still had to compete with ladies in their 20’s! There had to be a way…

Success always leaves clues. I have met women in their 60’s who have avoided Botox and yet still have a radiant glow and minimal wrinkles. How did they do it?

Now, nothing against Botox (there might be a day that I try it) I wanted to expand my knowledge and options to see what I do without it.There are several no-injection options that can relax wrinkles from exaggerated facial expressions. One of my favorites that has worked for me are Frownies®.

Frownies® are parchment paper that stick to the face overnight to relax and retrain the facial muscles.  The creator of Frownies® is in her 60’s now and still maintains smooth skin from using them. Do they look weird, sure they do. But who cares if they work!

Think about… constant movements create wrinkles. BUT many movements are so unconscious! Start to pay attention to the faces you make throughout the day.

This does not mean become a poker face, it’s more about having the awareness of your behaviors so you have a choice. It works if you are consistent.

Now that I am 46 I now have to use more aggressive tacticts, so keep checking for some fun updates.



An important factor for your beauty regimen is learning to also listen to your body.

For example, if I see fine lines starting to form on my forehead or eyes, I become hyper-aware. I ask myself if it is because I am squinting or if I need more water or sleep.

As you watch your skin with a curious eye… you will have greater success with your results as you course correct.


Like you, I am human, and it sucks when my skin is going nuts and I feel like crap. BUT I am here to let you know that it can be overcome. Remain calm and loving to yourself.

Ask questions that can lead to results instead of making you feel bad. Stress and negative emotional buildup are HUGE culprits to accelerating aging. I’ll talk about this shortly.

Remember that you are complex, unique and a whole being. Your body is always talking to you. When you learn to listen better you can work together towards your goals. Make sense?

An approach that I use for my own wellness is asking questions to discover the source of an issue. Be the investigator of your own health. Based on knowledge from skin experts along with my skill set on the mind and body I use a Chinese Face Map.

You may have seen a Reflexology map at some point.  It’s a diagram of the hands and feet that represent a map of your body.  The same applies to the face as well.

While the maps are not 100 percent solutions, they serve as an effective guide for overall health. Pay attention to the timing and location of the blemishes… especially if breaking out is not a common occurrence. Something on the inside might be at play and need attending to.

Face mapping has given me clues in a holistic way so that I can take better care of myself and my skin. This is in no way meant to replace advice given by medical professionals. It is a tool to put in your toolbox.  You can read the full article here.



You made it through Step 1, which was the most content rich section. Congratulations!

How do you feel? Are you less confused with where to start?

Now that you have a map and overview of some simple steps you can adjust for your needs. Remember you can refer to this article which helps you apply them in the correct way for more efficiency.

So proud of you for making it through this step. Now that you know some of the basics for taking care of your skin to help you look younger… let’s jump into the next section. This will help you get on track for leading a healthy lifestyle!

Step 2: Exercise & Longevity

Your body is  built to move. The importance of exercise is oftentimes overlooked. Exercise is almost like a miracle pill. How is it a miracle?

Take it often you will live longer and feel better. You will sleep better and have lower medical costs. You will be happier and you will drop your risk of many illnesses. It is a powerful weapon against heart disease, which is the number one killer in the U.S. alone!

Not only does it keep your body healthy, but it also boosts your cognitive function. The great thing about exercise is that EVERYONE can do it and it’s free. A little goes a long way.

Exercise also slows aging. Yes please!



Too much sitting impairs your body. Some of the greatest injuries and back problems I have seen have come from being too sedentary.

Unfortunately, you and I live in a world controlled by computers and portable screens. Whether it’s your desktop at work and home, or that tablet that you hide behind wherever you go. Everything we do seems dictated by a screen telling us what to do.

And now we’re moving less than ever before.

Don’t get me wrong, I love computers and they have changed life for the better. But a lot of injuries and pain occur from staying in a sedentary position for long hours at a time in front of a computer screen. Sitting has become the new smoking. I wrote more on that here.

Any time you put the body’s motor skills—basically the legs, feet, arms and hands—to work, you are moving toxins out of the body and skin. If you’re feeling down, go for a brisk walk for at least half an hour and then tell me you don’t feel better.


What is THE BEST exercise???

Simple. The one you will actually DO!!  No trick questions here.



Maintaining a healthy body weight takes effort… then it becomes a habit. While diet is very important for weight management, exercise is also a strong element. They go hand in hand.

Decide that a healthy lifestyle is the goal and determine what it means to you. Why do you want this for yourself?

The idea that there is a “perfect” weight for each height is ridiculous.  Three women who are all 5’ 8” will have completely different looks even if they all weigh 135 lbs.

When I would model and had to fill out my weight, I was judged on my weight even though I was in shape. Drove me crazy! We’re all built differently and carry weight in different places.

For me, it’s all about how I feel and how my clothes fit me. I rarely weigh myself. Find a measurement system for you that is empowering that helps you stay on track. Clothes and inches work for me.

It takes time to change your way of life, especially if you have been doing the same routines over and over again. Be kind and patient with yourself. To keep up your success… surround yourself with people who support the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Forget about going on a “diet” and instead focus on creating a healthy lifestyle. When there is flexibility it’s much more fun, wouldn’t you agree? I went on a diet twice in my life… hated every minute of it!

You will actually be able to do more when you exercise because it helps to increase your natural energy. The solution to fitting exercise into your schedule, especially if you are a beginner…  is to take small steps at first.

Once you’re in the habit of taking daily action, then see what else you can add into the mix.


Keep it simple. For example, begin by taking 15-30 minutes each day or every other day to walk.

Include some inclines in the walks if you can, such as stairs. After a couple of weeks, add a little more time and length to the walks. Walking is an excellent way to speed up your body’s metabolism.

Walk while you are on the phone returning all those calls, even if it’s  back and forth in your office. Walking is also an incredible way to reduce or manage stress.

Riding a bike to and from work, if it is near enough, or to the store and back is another way to incorporate a simple physical routine into one’s busy day. The body loves movement and needs movement to be healthy; find ways to engage.

If you do decide to commit to gym workouts, take a friend along for encouragement and support so that you are more apt to stick with it. Investing in a personal trainer might be the option for you after you’ve built a daily movement habit.

There are always solutions if you seek them.Be creative and figure out how to find joy with it. For example if you go to the park, play with your kids, walk with a friend and chat or if you are like me listen to music and walk.

Associate physical activity with something enjoyable, so that it doesn’t seem like you are exercising. Once you decide why you desire to exercise, the motivation almost kicks in and perpetuates itself. Link exercise to something you love to do and it will help you to continue the activity or exercise.

Whatever the goal, make sure it stays within the vision in your mind and link it to something positive; something dear to your heart. Then you will have a greater time enjoying the physical activity.

Step 3: Diet & Nutrition


With ALL the diets out there it can be information overload and confusion!

My philosophy is taking out the word diet (since it has the word ‘DIE’ in it) and replacing it with healthy living. To me it’s more approachable and long term based. If I was to go on a life-long food diet I would not be a happy woman! Flexibility is what will keep you successful.

I will give a simple overview here since it’s a complex subject to get you on the right path.

There is some truth to the phrase you are what you eat, especially how it affects your body and your skin.

The main rule is to limit/avoid food that causes inflammation on your body, and add more nutrient rich foods.



There are so many nutritious foods that you can eat for healthy skin.

To start with, the foods with omega 3s are beneficial to our skin tissue. Wild salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Avoid farm-raised salmon because of what they eat. Remember you ARE what you eat, and what they ate.

Make sure to include greens such as spinach, kale or broccoli. Fruits high in vitamin C like strawberries, kiwi, oranges, blueberries are very beneficial for your health and skin.

Finally, the staple of energy: protein. You can get this from lean meats, eggs, and protein powders/supplements or vegan alternatives if you prefer.

Healthy fats like almonds, pumpkin seeds and avocados can keep skin youthful. I learn daily what to include, and the big picture is that it’s common sense. Healthy nutritious foods are what will keep you healthy.



SUGAR! Especially refined. It’s detrimental to your health and skin! Its a collagen killer. You can read more on an article I wrote here.

High Glycemic foods. They produce sugar in the bloodstream. The faster it produces sugar, the higher its glycemic value.

High Starch Foods produce sugar in the bloodstream. Potatoes, white breads and various grain products are high in starch and high in production of sugar when broken down in the digestive system.

The “bad fats” are trans fats or hydrogenated fats and they interfere with cell function and can cause inflammation and various types of imbalances in your body. Over time this can lead to serious medical conditions like a heart attack or heart disease.

The more processed a food is, the more glycemic it will be. For example, instant oatmeal in the packets is more glycemic than quick-cooking oats, which in turn are more glycemic than steel-cut oats. To stay healthy and vibrant it is important to keep an eye on how much of these foods you consume.

Some people remember numbers, facts, and passages in a text or a slogan better if they write it down on paper. Keeping a journal of your food intake each day serves to make you aware of what is being put into your body. Being aware is one way to avoid straying from a healthy living plan.

A journal allows you to deduce what is working and what is not.

Yo-yo dieting is quite common when someone adopts a diet for a particular reason and then backslides into a less disciplined diet after the original dietary goal is reached.

Pay attention to this avoid/limit list and avoid the yo-yo diet. I wrote more on that here, and most of all how to STOP the cycle!


How to choose the correct diet

First, there is not one diet that fits everyone.

The main thing to remember is to limit foods that aren’t nourishing, like greasy, high sodium fast foods, sugary desserts, sodas and candy. Every “body” is different. For this reason, a “perfect” diet will include a different combination of nutritional foods from one person to the next.

If you are planning to diet, it would be helpful to conduct some research into which one works best for your body. If necessary, ask a doctor, fitness professional or a holistic practitioner.

I don’t diet.I  chose to adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices, including nutritious foods over those that are not processed or chemically enhanced – the less ingredients the better.

Make your diet work with you and have fun with it. If you keep it fun and achievable you are more likely to stick to it. The secret is to indulge every now and then.  If you maintain a clean diet for about 75-85% of the time you are on a great path!!

Step 4: Stress Management

STRESS The #1 Cause of Premature Aging

Stress is a common word in our society and it’s thrown around in everyday language like it’s a normal state of being. We live in a fast paced world and STRESS is NOT a state that our bodies can sustain for long periods of time.

Stress can disrupt your life…physical, emotional and mental. It is the #1 cause of premature aging and illness. Its a very big umbrella of what it includes, but anything that causes some type of stress… from daily life, food, inflammation, toxins and emotions to name a few.

The stress response of fight or flight can awaken with both real and imaginary threats. With real threats, this can save your life. Imaginary threats, which is what most of us deal with take its toll on the body…

We are the only species on that planet that can trigger this fight or flight with a single thought!



Stress also causes hormones to overreact. Especially cortisol.

Cortisol benefits your memory, along with providing energy for your body. Its excellent for your immunity and strength when its in balance….Overproduction from high stress can lower your immunity, increase blood pressure and add belly fat!

Other symptoms can include mood swings, poor memory, low energy, depression and insomnia….

Imagine living in that state daily….

When I was in my early 20’s I experienced the effects of mental, emotional and physical stress first hand. I was in a codependent marriage with an alcoholic husband and went through a divorce.

We were both very young, carried our own baggage and did unhealthy things to ourselves and each other.  It was heartbreaking and gut wrenching.

I had three lawyers at the time. A divorce lawyer, immigration lawyer (I am from Canada) and personal injury lawyer from a car accident. I had a meltdown since I was in a foreign country and couldn’t return home due to the immigration process!

I was taking antidepressants, created asthma problems, relapsed into bulimia, wore a heart monitor because of my ‘broken heart…  and also took medication for anger induced headaches!


It was also during this time that I was lucky enough to be in massage school.

One day a teacher at the school offered our class “aura readings.” I decided to have mine read. He told me that my aura was all over the place!  He asked me my age and when I replied that I was 26, he said my body had aged 10 to 15 years beyond 26. (Definitely not every woman’s favorite thing to hear!)

He encouraged me to get a hold of my emotions and stress level. While that opened my eyes, it took me a while to get a hold of myself.

Stress is serious… thankfully I have none of those issues anymore. It was a wake up call.




Some of the ways how stress shows up on your skin are wrinkles, caused from expressions. Wrinkles and fine lines can also be the result of things unseen… like your emotions.

Puffy eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes may indicate lack of sleep, which can also be due to stress.

At times I used to suffer slight anemia from a lack of iron. My skin would become pale and blemishes would show up. I have come to learn that when I see these symptoms, I need to pump up my iron intake.

By paying attention to where a blemish, rash or hive breaks out, you might be able to identify the cause: both internal and/or external. Stress can even cause illness or disease…..

For example, anger can lead to high cholesterol, even a heart attack. Emotions such as resentment can affect the liver. Sadness can weaken the immune system. Its worth it to take care of yourself, for you and your loved ones.



Make time to invest in you… unless you want an unfortunate wake up call.

Invest in a massage, reflexology or meditate. If it’s about money, cut back on a few lattes a week and soon you will have the funds to invest in your well-being one step at a time.

Or visit my website shop and check u my library of cost effective hypnotic guided meditations to see which ones fit the results you desire in your life.

Put self-care on your list as you would with a grocery list. Make it a part of your life’s regimen. You are worth it. It can be as simple as taking a bubble bath, with candles.


Think of how water cuts through a mountain. At first you observe that it is a harmless body of water. Over time, its persistence cuts through rock. Stress acts the same way.  It might seem so little and unassuming, and after a while if not treated it will cut through to your core.

Step 5 : Mindset, Beliefs & Emotions

When you think of looking younger naturally and leading a healthy lifestyle…these probably did not cross your mind.

Yet they are VERY necessary… everything begins from the INSIDE OUT….

First let me ask you….is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Be honest…how do you normally answer that? Do you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic?



Your cells are like little receptors. They listen in their own way when you are talking to yourself. And, they respond in the way of health and happiness depending on what they hear. Pay attention.

So you might be thinking how mindset applies to beauty, health and youth. Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you growing older? Or growing younger?

Do you fear your mature years? Or embrace the natural process of life with grace and awareness?

Do you speak in a mean way to yourself and/or others? Or are you kind and accepting of yourself/others?



Mindset is mandatory in business and in competitive sports. It is  the same when it comes to health.

It has been said that success is 80 percent belief and 20 percent action. How one perceives or believes in themselves is crucial to attaining a goal.

Here is an example.

Client #1 is very vivacious and youthful though in her early 70’s. She has undergone many operations, lost a few organs, had knee surgery on both knees and broke her arm in a nasty fall. Her belief is that she is tenacious, strong and has bounced back EVERY time.

She looks young for her age, has minimal wrinkles and has not bought into the idea she is ‘old’. 

Client # 2 is in her early 70’s and has aged quickly.  She has undergone a couple of surgeries, but appears to have aged 15 extra years from those surgeries. Instead of showing vivacity, she struggles on a daily basis to be motivated. She believes that he is old, and has become ‘old’.

Mindset can determine how you show up in the so-called golden years. Cut from your vocabulary, “I am getting too old” or “getting old sucks”.

Maturing is a given, it is how you embrace it or don’t that will make the difference to health, beauty and happiness.


I have an entire process that deals with how to do this, in my book Unlock Your Genius.

Embrace emotions. Respect them, let them breathe and let them play out in a way that isn’t destructive to you are others. By doing this, you can learn, grow, be beautiful, kind and receive kindness in return.



The biggest factor when it comes to looking younger naturally IS adapting a healthy lifestyle.

I describe a healthy lifestyle as being active, eating well, taking care of yourself and managing stress.

Another advantage of a healthy lifestyle is that you will be more vibrant and have more energy. This will allow you to be more active and do more without crashing.

You will appear younger and it will reduce anxiety and stress. It also will reduce the chances of depression or getting depressed… because you are feeling good about yourself and have a more optimistic state of mind.

It can be a form of preventive healthcare, which can also help you save money! Who doesn’t love to save money?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also builds confidence. When you maintain and take care of your beautiful mind and body it will take care of you.

Your body is where you live. Wouldn’t you want your home to be well kept?

Develop that relationship with yourself. It is one of the most important relationships you can ever have. You live with yourself for your whole life!

Confidence, true confidence is the acceptance of you.

You are a whole being and when you see and treat yourself like that, your world shifts. That is where the beauty is. YOU are beautiful. 


Love & Health,
Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist


To continue learning more from this article you can check out my book “How To Be Hollywood Beautiful Without The Hollywood Price”.


What is your mindset on beauty, health, aging, maturing?

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” ~Sophia Loren



It’s unfortunate in our society that we’re taught to control our emotions.

Expressions of built up anger can have negative consequences… but to completely mask such emotions can be worse to your health and wellbeing. Emotions are a gift.

When someone does not know how to deal with or express emotions in a constructive manner… These hidden feelings can be self-destructive and cause illness.

There is an alternative to suppressing emotions. It is the act of honoring them, and it can be lifesaving.

You honor them by addressing them.

It can be as simple as journaling, punching a pillow, crying or even sharing how you feel with a trusted friend.

The point is, you must let them express and move out of you, instead of building up over time… which has the capability of causing a major eruption. This used to be me… and I had some crazy emotional reactions in my past!

If emotions are not addressed, they can wear down your resilience and age you, inside and out. When you are happy, your cells are happy and thriving. It shows in a person’s skin, eyes, hair and the body in general.

Once you learn how to navigate emotions, to steer them rather than letting them steer you… emotions can be one of the greatest gifts and most amazing assets in your life.


To be clear, having optimism is not about ignoring life or unpleasant situations. It means that you have an approach that is more constructive and proactive.

A more negative and scarce approach not only can lead to limitations and fear… but can actually create ‘angry’ experiences and ‘angry’ unhealthy bodies.

Optimistic attitudes tend to create more joy and happy healthy bodies. Without going too new age on you… how you choose to show up in the world is a reflection of what you will attract.

I have already mentioned to you that you are a WHOLE being. Meaning you are not separate from your body, mind or emotions. How you THINK  and FEEL has an impact on your entire life.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

If you tend to be pessimistic you can learn how to shift towards a healthier life experience.

When a negative thought or a negative situation gifts itself to you, choose your actions. Respond as opposed to reacting.  Breathe. Acknowledge what is going on.

An unfortunate situation can be painful and needs time for processing and healing… be realistic and honor that. Once something positive is born the negative/painful has the opportunity to transform.

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