How False Light Ages You


What is blue light?

A wavelength of light. Blue wavelengths of light are beneficial during the day. Think of daylight, where you are most likely to be alert and attentive. Where it becomes a problem, is with the over stimulation of electronics. These along with energy efficient light bombard your system. Plus, it might set the stage for developing macular degeneration.


While technology is a blessing, and one MUST learn how to counter the negative effects such as Blue Light.


When you curl up in bed at night, reading from your smartphone, tablet or laptop you disrupt your inner clock. This may seem harmless, yet it can increase your chances of illness. Protect your inner rhythm.


Before technology we adapted to bright light in the day, and red light at night with the sunsets. This is part of our DNA. With the overstimulation that occurs in our regular life this creates stressors. Stress as you know, ages you!


So how can you adapt and counter the effects?


Blue Light Glasses:
Blue Light Glasses help with the glare from the computer during the day. They also protect your vision and prevent eye strain. Since using mine I never get computer headaches anymore.


As you retire for the evening…avoid looking at screens at least 2-3 hours before rest. If you must, invest in another set of glasses. Red glasses.


Red glasses:
Red Light Glasses train your body for  sleep. Yes, it’s weird. You see red and you might look like the character Daredevil, but it is helping you to age in reverse. You do need to protect the integrity of your vision, and red primes you for sleep. Like I mentioned before its built into your DNA with the color red and sleep.


Sleep is an important element for health. In our overstimulating world it’s important to find ways and adapt. Your well being depends upon it.


Get blue light blocking glasses, and red glasses for the night. You can read more about false light in this Harvard Study.


Use the chat section to tell me your thoughts about today’s topic, and let me know what you would like me talk more on. Happy to help! Health is wealth.


Remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up. Be kind to yourself in the process.


Makayla Leone

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