3 Reasons WHY Soda Makes Your Health Ugly


You might be wondering why soda is ugly for your health. I will share that with you and also what you can do instead to make life more beautiful!


Soda….Raise your hand out there if you love your bubbly drink, or fill up at the gas station with a big gulp? Its okay, I won’t judge you…but part of anything is becoming aware. Let me know teach you just a FEW things that soda does to ‘uglify’ your beautiful body.


There are way more reasons then 3, however I like to keep things simple to start with so you are not overwhelmed and can feel confident implementing small steps that can drastically improve your life!!


These are some pretty intense reasons, and I have met many people who have made a shift and replaced their soda addiction with what I am about to share with you at the end. It made MAJOR improvements….the health benefits of course, but weight loss, and more energy where some of the top results.


My top 3 reasons that soda is ugly for your health!!


1. The Sugar!

A single can of soda contains the equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar.

High amounts of sugar (especially in liquid form) escalates your blood sugar. When your blood sugar elevates this causes an insulin spike in your body.

This attack on your system can lead to diabetes, weight gain and many more health issues in the long run.

Did you know that Soft drink companies are the largest users of sugar in the country!!


2. Artificial Sweeteners

If you think diet sodas are good for you because they are ‘sugar free’ think again!

In diet soda, aspartame is often used as a substitute for sugar, and is more harmful.  Aspartame has to linked to various health problems… such as diabetes, seizures, brain tumors, alzheimer’s and so much more!

How it works, is that it converts to methanol at warmer temperatures. This breaks down to formic acid and FORMALDEHYDE. Yuck!

Believe or not, diet sodas can also mess up your metabolic system, and can cause belly fat and raise your blood sugar.

This makes me sad…I had a dear friend that loved his diet soda, later in life he had a brain tumor, and  passed away from brain cancer. While there are many other factors that contribute to illness, please don’t feed that fire with diet soda…your are loved!!


3. Caramel coloring in soda has been linked to cancer.

Caramel coloring make seem lovely when you look at that rich brown color, but  it is not a natural process by any means.

It is created by using ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperatures with reacting sugars!

This ‘creation’ has been scientifically studied on mice, to cause lung, liver, cancer….

The key thing with any type of change is replacing the habit or behavior with something that supports your goals, otherwise we tend to fill it unconsciously and the choice might suck!


So here are some of my favorite alternatives…

Make your own! Yes!

1. Flavor your own sparkling seltzer water with fruit infused (not fruit juice) flavors. Or with stevia so many flavors out there in health stores like cola, and rootbeer! My husband loves raspberries, and he puts ½ cup of frozen berries into a cup, with sparking water with a squirt of lemon juice.


2.While more costly, look for sodas without color added and sweetened with stevia. Delicious!!


3. Invest in a Soda making machine like soda stream and be creative.


If you replace your love of soda, with something satisfying and fun not only will you create a more beautiful state internally, but it will make you feel more amazing because you are developing a strategy for long term health success.



Makayla Leone,

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