The Mindset For Longevity


Today I would like to plant a few seeds in your mind…..


Prevention and investment.


In our world of quick fixes, it’s easy to neglect this, especially with quick access to almost everything.  Yet these are key factors in your own longevity and Pro-Aging Process. Prevention and Investment.

Like a ripple in a still pond after throwing a rock in it, your lifestyle choices have a ripple effect long-term. We are living longer, and it’s very important to look at your body as a lifelong investment.


You body is your personal vehicle. You are never too young or too old to start but the key is to start.


Plus you are with yourself  for your whole life! It might be a good idea take care of your ‘vehicle’ so you can experience the journey with more quality.

You are a whole being. Meaning your body, your mind, your emotions ALL are part of you. You are not separate from them. The more you understand and grasp this concept… not only will you feel and look better but you will have more control.


Prevention can include your diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, relationships, mental and emotional health.


You are unique and how you act and think plays a massive role with your aging process. For example, how do you approach aging?

Some people fight it, and others work with it and keep a great attitude. What are your thoughts on aging?


Do you this it’s possible to think yourself younger?


Yes you can. There is plenty of research out there that can back this up. There are two definitions of aging, chronological and biological.


Chronological is the amount of years you have lived on this planet.

Biological is a measure of how old you are physically, mentally and emotionally.


People who age well like you and me,  focus more on their biological age. You rarely ever hear them complain about their ‘chronological’ age. Preventative and investment minded action… along with focusing on your biological age, will create a happier life experience.


What are some things you can start to act on right now?


You are doing one right now, investing in yourself and learning how to take care of yourself better. That is a win! We lead busy lives, and shifting thinking will shift how you act and your result.


My main question I ask myself, especially if I want to snack on something that is off my diet is…. “will this give me a fair return on my investment?”


If you know you will feel like crap, would it be worth it? Sometimes it’s so delicious the answer is yes, and that is okay in moderation. But the point is to make you be present before you act…


Think of business deals where you felt it wasn’t right, and you did it anyway only to have it blow up? You went against your gut! How about relationships?


I can talk, I dated many people even went through a divorce before I met my husband. I had to make an investment in myself to learn about me, so I could prevent the negative cycle I kept attracting.

The idea I wanted to present today, was a new way of approaching not only your health but your life. The longer I live I value time more than anything. I want to avoid wasting it on things that bring me grief. Sometimes it’s people I have to walk away from.


Can you relate?


There are strategies for many things when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle. For it to be successful and enjoyable the motivation must come from within and how you approach it.

Prevention and investment are powerful tools to wield. You have that power. Take it back!




Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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