How To Tap into Your Inner Beauty

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Beauty can be driven by mindset; it comes from within. What exactly do I mean by that? If you didn’t have the ability to see, how would you be able to tell if something was beautiful? It is an energy that we transmit.


Take for example Mother Theresa. Would you agree that she was a powerful and beautiful woman? While she might not have been a bombshell or supermodel there was something within her that shone so brightly that it was beautiful.


Sophia Loren, a classic beauty, said it so eloquently in one of her famous quotes, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One of my favorite speakers is Les Brown. He always says that we all have greatness within us. In my opinion, we all have beauty within us as well. It’s just a matter what we choose to see and what we choose to reflect when it comes to seeing this beauty materialize.

  • Beauty starts with self-appreciation
  • Beauty flourishes when we communicate with ourselves to the point that we can reprogram ourselves when necessary
  • Beauty within and around us depends on how well we treat ourselves
  • Beauty is born from within, no matter how attractive one’s exterior is
  • Beauty vibrates from inside to the entire outside of the body; it does not have a face, only a feel


Shifting the perception of yourself


Shifting your self-perception is often dependent on what you tell yourself when you look in the mirror or go about a task, duty or chore. Yes, it really is about those inner voices in your head. It is important to speak to yourself in a kind and positive way.


When hearing something skeptical of your ability, counter with a voice inside that is positive, that reflects on a success given a particular challenge or situation that is about to unfold.


Our psyche is not equipped to adopt two opposite emotions at one time, so counter the negative with a sole, positive voice. Repetition equates to habit with this positive voice and it perpetuates a feeling of self-pride, confidence and a positive perception of self.


We can say some of the worst things to ourselves. I’ve been guilty of it myself. Begin with something small. It might be as simple as saying “I love my eyes” to yourself, or “it’s a beautiful day” when you about to embark on something that is a bit of a challenge.


Think about how to replace a negative notion in the mind with a positive one. Do it repetitively and it will become a habit that changes the way you see yourself.


Practice makes permanent.


Also make a habit of treating yourself. For example, I love bubble baths, adding essential oils, lighting a candle and listening to soft music. Sometimes the treat could be taking you on a movie date. Treat you how you want others to treat you. You don’t have to wait for prince charming, or your princess to do that.


Here are some principles to remember:

  • Practice self-love, but, of course, not to the point of vanity
  • Don’t wait for someone else to bring happiness; discover it from within
  • Treat yourself to YOU time
  • Be kind to self and others; it is addictive and improves self-image
  • Self-acceptance is accepting who you and being your authentic self. Embracing what makes you uniquely you, both the light and the dark.


Self-Mastery and Beauty


Most of the greatest avatars, leaders and teachers throughout time have exhibited or expressed some form of self-mastery. Self-mastery definitely ties in with health and beauty because when you understand how to show up and learn about different aspects of your personality, you can better adapt to the world and particular situations.


Continue asking questions to yourself that empower and guide you and think of self-mastery as a constant journey.


One of my favorite mythical creatures is the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes death and rebirth as it rises from its own ashes. It can also represent eternal youth, or a new beginning that no matter how bad it gets in your world you have the ability to get back up. In a sense then, rise from your own ashes.


“In order to grow into the next level of transformation, allow yourself to let go of the old and bring in the new. Just as the phoenix rises from its own ashes, so can you” ~ Makayla Léone


That is the cycle of transformation and in order to get to the next version of you, symbolically something must die in order to make room for the new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something dramatic and profound. It can be something small and impactful, like a belief that no longer serves you.


This simple action can ultimately alter and move your life in an entirely new direction. What beliefs do you carry that need to die in order for you to attract what you want?


Self-mastery is the understanding of what makes you “you” and embracing those components of yourself, whether weaknesses or strengths. Make a choice to learn something new every day, especially about yourself and do it in a kind, loving and curious manner. Choose to seek the beauty in the simplest things, like nature, pets, or the people you love.


This simple and profound action expands your awareness, helps you to be more present and ultimately adds more fulfillment, beauty and happiness to your life.


Makayla xox

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