How To Prevent Forehead Wrinkles – WITHOUT botox

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Is it possible to prevent forehead wrinkles, without botox? You can deter them. And even IF you have used botox in the past, this can help extend the effectiveness.


How did I discover this natural Hollywood Secret?The story goes like this…


I got into the entertainment world when I was 15, and when I moved to Los Angeles (in Las Vegas now) at 28 I had to step up my game! Competition was pretty steep as I was auditioning with girls a lot younger than me. What is a girl to do? I didn’t have the money to invest in injections, but I had to figure out a way to maintain what I had….naturally...and on a budget! And I did, and I happy to share it with you!


But first, do you know the basic science of a wrinkle? Think of beautiful silk. Its soft and with a bit of repetitive action it gets crinkly until it gets ironed out. While there are many factors with skin, like collagen, lifestyle choices etc… what I am sharing is something very basic and simple.


The solution addresses the repetitive movements you make daily.  From stress, emotional responses and even computer face! Ack!


So the concept is simple. Retrain your muscle to relax. 

As a retired massage therapist I can assure you that muscles are excellent at tensing up… but need help relaxing and this technique does that. Its beyond simple but I swear it works! (at least for the time being).


While I have added a few more natural techniques to my beauty regimen now that I am almost 44 (the time of this blog post)  this secret is the foundation. And when you are consistent it is effective.


The secret is Frownies. Yup. Its parchment paper… designed to stick to your forehead overnight and train your muscles to relax! Told you it was simple!! Is it sexy, not exactly…but it works! My husband doesn’t mind when I wear one. He laughs, then asks me for one. Sharing is caring.


The reality is that we all age. Yet you have more power then you can imagine… with choosing a course that makes you happy, healthy and confident in every decade.



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