Fad Diets & Scorpions – Why They Both STING


Fad Diets and Scorpions two things you wouldn’t normally hear in the same sentence…


But first let me tell you a story.


Once upon a time, over 20 years ago I lived in Arizona. I love the desert, currently I am in Las Vegas, but when I moved to the U.S. I was still pretty fresh from my home country, Canada.


The area I lived in was very new, vast and we (ex-husband)  happened to be the only house on the block in that development. Very new!


What can happen in fast growing areas, is that some simple but important steps can be forgotten….this can cause havoc! May I remind you that I was still fresh from my country and the desert is an unusual place, with unusual things….


After a few weeks, some unwelcome visitors started dropping by….off the ceiling, the wall and under my bed. I even had to look for them with a black light in the evening.


Scorpions had invaded my home!


They were falling from the ceiling, hiding in my closet and here I was defending our home. My ex husband wasn’t around a lot, (hockey player) so it was up to me. It was chaotic at first but I got into the hang of it when the evening came around.


Side note, hockey sticks do not work with scorpions….they flatten down. While funny now, this sucked!! What happened is that the builders did not finish an IMPORTANT step. Sealing the house with a special type of foam that keeps critters out. So scorpions ended up in the walls, and were able to move in because of the tiny spaces. Awesome.


The builders missed this step because their goal was to build the house fast.  The house looked amazing, but putting things up quickly came at a cost!


Luckily, we found a bug guy, who properly sealed the house. Anyway, what does this have to do with Fad diets?


Well, fad diets, get rich quick, face lift in bottle focus on quick result but don’t always deliver long term. Things might look great on the outside, but you have no idea what is going on in the inside if you don’t pay attention. Like your health, mindset, emotions and even your outlook in life.


There is a time and place for a quick result… (I did call a bug guy) this is more to show the power of taking the time to create winning strategies for yourself. Success leaves clues.


With maintaining a healthy life and weight it’s a long term investment that shifts with life. There is no one diet that fits everyone on the planet. Perhaps you know of someone that went on a diet, got great results…. then a few months later gained all the weight back? This can sting right?


Why does this happen?  Ineffective strategies, and misunderstanding emotions. What is the solution? Learn about the most important person on the planet in your life…you.


Creating strategies in an art. Look to people who have succeeded in the area you desire to change and learn from them. Adapt some of their strategies and discover ways to become more motivated in your own way.


I invite you to check out my book and training “Unlock Your Genius” 7 Keys to Create Your Ideal Life. I break down and simplified how to get on track with your goals, manage your emotions and adjust along the way… No scorpions allowed!


When it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up. You are worth the investment.


Makayla Leone,

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