Emotions & Health – The Beauty Connection


The fact is, humans are emotional creatures. And emotions motivate our every action and have more control over you then you could imagine. There is a rainbow of emotions, from happiness, joy, to sadness, fear and anger…etc…


Emotions make you FEEL. These feeling motivate you to do things, like buy, sell, and take action or inaction.


Many of your feelings resonate throughout your body, they can feel great, or stressful. Other emotions show up as expressions on your face.


What are your dominant emotions that you feel daily?


Repetitive face muscle movements lead to wrinkles, that is science. But did you know that your emotional state is part of the cause that creates the muscle movement in the first place?


Imagine with me for a moment, have you ever come across a very happy person? What do they sound like? How do they present themselves? Even if they are mature in years do they have a youthful glow?


How about a grumpy person? What is it like being around them? Do you feel energized or stressed? How do they present themselves? Do they look older than their age?


Interesting isn’t it.


I had you imagine that with me, and I am guessing that you felt an internal reaction from the dominant emotions from the pictures I had you create in your mind. Now, I am not asking you to pretend you don’t have emotions. That is who you are and there are simple ways that I teach that can help to honor each one, and be balanced.

There is no benefit to pretending to be happy when you have anger or sadness lurking underneath. That will cause stress and illness, and WILL show up on your face, even in subtle ways.  This I do know from my past experience!


The key is to learn ways to address and deal with them, since they are a road map on your face. If negative emotions are not addressed, they can wear down your resilience and age you, inside and out.

When you are happy, your cells are happy and thriving. It shows in your skin, eyes, hair and your body.


Many people don’t realize how much emotions affects their health and how they look. But you my friend are on the right path!


As you learn how to navigate emotions, they can be one of the greatest gifts and most amazing assets in your life. When emotions are clear they act like a compass, helping you to stay on track or trust your gut.


That is the treasure when you can use them, instead of them using you. Plus the added benefit of adding a more youthful appearance!

I dive more into this, in my book Unlock Your Genius. Check it out to learn the technique.


Now, I want to go deeper into the fear of aging.


Aging is not the the true enemy. Fear is. Fear of the unknown. With the fear comes confusion, anxiety and even loss. But when you know what you will face, it is easier to work with it and not succumb to it.

The emotional response we have towards others aging, is gradual. Yet when we witness our own it can trigger a crisis and spark fear! The fear of loss of beauty, youth and life…..


With the fear comes confusion, anxiety and even loss. But when you know what you will face, it is easier to work with it and not succumb to it.


First thing is to accept that you are an emotional being. Emotions run your life but they don’t have to run you. They are guides. Learn to listen and stop trying to hide the feelings, because they will show up in ways that might not be pleasant.


Be honest with yourself.


As you begin to have a healthy relationship with your emotions it will raise your quality of life… and improve your health!



Makayla Leone

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