A Surprising Elixir For YOUTH!


Any guess on what this magical potion is? Well its not a potion. Nor is it a magic pill, yet if you start to add this it can transform your life.


Its lifting, or weight bearing exercises. It can be as simple as starting with light barbells and building your strength.


The reason why this exercise is such a youth elixir is because:


1. Builds Strength & Stability

Ladies, as we age there can be a risk for brittle bones. While diet is a factor to help maintain stronger bones, weights will make you stronger. It makes you stronger because it forces you to use other muscles, and you learn to stabilize your body. Setting up your body for better balance and strength could prevent a nasty fall and break. As a youth elixir it keeps your foundation, bones and muscles, strong. In fact you can be as fit as someone 20 years younger then you if you lift. Now this doesn’t mean becoming a body builder. That is completely different and involves an extreme system.


I am all about keeping this simple and fun, so you start where you are and build in increments.


2. Increases Your Metabolism

Lets get real here for a moment. In case you haven’t noticed, as you mature your metabolism changes. If you learn how to work with this and add weight lifting you can actually burn fat, even when you are doing nothing! Bizarre, but its true!


Muscles are more active then fat, and as you build them they burn calories even when resting. When you have leaner muscles you will develop a healthier metabolic rate. As lift, you also release testosterone… which is an important hormone for stamina, energy and  lean muscle development. A happy metabolism = a youthful experience.


I used to be a cardio queen, and while I still love cardio I have added weight and this has transformed how I look and feel. It works!


3. Makes You Feel Like A Bad Ass Babe

Strength builds confidence, resilience and empowerment. It creates an emotional platform that gives you control. When we overcome challenges, it has the ability to take us to a new level.

Weight lifting has that ability….

I use specific music when I face a physical challenge at the gym.  I call it my beauty to beast mode! Once I move through the threshold something inside of me comes alive, and I am more confident to face my day ahead.  I invite that same feeling for you. Baby steps, its not about hurting yourself or comparing yourself to others.


Start where you are. Move with proper form. You will become more empowered, physically, mentally and spiritually! And when you are confident and joyful you look younger.


You DO have more choice on how you will show up in your later years. Start where ever you are and take steps towards what you want. I believe in you. Be kind to yourself in the process, health is wealth!



Makayla Leone

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