5 Surprising Collagen Killers


I have 5 top collagen killers to share with you, that you might be doing right now and what to do instead!


Collagen is what makes babies skin to soft and supple. The fact is, as we age we lose this amazing substance. If you don’t know how collagen works, Think of it like a rubber band. When it’s new, its taught, flexible and over time its loses its elasticity. The same with us.


This starts to happen in your late 30’s…..and on average women can lose 1-2 percent per year.  After 40, and into your 50’s and beyond it keeps declining.


While its a fact of life with the natural decline, there are 5 things that you might be doing now to speed up the loss. Save YOUR Collagen. Not only to maintain youth, but also your joints!


Rest Assured, I will share with you in a moment … and also some solutions to stop the rapid decline.

Look we all age, and we also can have more control on how we age!


1. Lack of movement. Sitting is the new smoking and lack of movement also robs your body of beautiful collagen.

2. A diet high in Sugar. Too much steals your soft collagen by a process called glycation.

3. Overexposure to the sun.

4. Unhappy Gut. Your gut is important.

5. Emotional Stress (which is unhealthy and how it raises your cortisol).


What the Solution….For these 5, is to do the opposite. Brilliant right!


1. Move More. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Set a stop watch to remind you to get up and walk around.

2.Limit Sugar (especially refined-and artificial sugars also)

3.Wear Sunscreen. Sun exposure is healthy, however use common sense.

4.Focus On Your Gut. Healthy gut, healthy life.

5.Stress management. Meditation, exercise, coaching, taking initiative to manage this so you avoid illness.


You can also add collagen to your diet like I do. I prefer powders to supplements. They are more digestible and kinder to your stomach. Remember gut health!


Makayla Leone

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