3 Weight Loss Hacks Without Changing What You Eat


I know that you already understand that you are what you eat… and that creating a healthy lifestyle is important.


BUT, today I wanted to share with you some simple changes you can start making that can help you sustain your results… especially when you begin to create healthier habits.


Quick story to show my first hack. My first bonded pair of cats were brothers. Bengal boys named Max & Phoenix. They were my world many moons ago. While related, they looked different, and one of those differences was their size. They had different styles of eating. Phoenix was like a vacuum cleaner and Max was like a connoisseur of food, chewing every morsel.


Max was the leaner and fitter of the two. He did something that helped his digestion. Which leads to the first hack.


Hack #1-CHEW Your food!

The process of digestion starts well before food reaches the stomach. Your salivary glands located under your tongue,  produce saliva when you see, smell or even think of food.


Saliva prepares your food for easy swallowing. A digestive enzyme called amylase in your saliva breaks down some of the carbohydrates before they leave your mouth. If you follow me… and what I teach, you will learn how important your gut health is to your life experience. Not only your waistline. Nurture your gut anyway you can!


When you start chewing each bite 10-20 times, it will improve your digestion… and also help you to become more present when eating.


Hack #2 -Hydrate with WATER

Many people confuse being thirsty with the feeling of being hungry. While the obvious is weight gain, not drinking enough water also takes it toll on your appearance.


The interesting thing is that the signals for thirst are similar to hunger! So you can see why that can be a bit confusing, and why junk food can be appetizing in the heat of the moment. Not to mention all the additives that create the addiction in the first place.


One of the best ways to stop this and create a better habit is to follow the drink water first rule.  Simple, but effective. And the result are healthier skin, better digestion and weight control.


It may be simple, but I urge you to avoid doubting this hack. With digestion it is more effective to drink before you eat so that you keep the saliva working at its best. Sipping between mouthfuls is okay if necessary, but aim to drink before and after you finish.


Your body is a pretty powerful and intelligent machine. When you work with it, it will take care of you for a lifetime.


Hack #3 – Pay Attention To Your Emotions

This may seem elusive, but it matters more than you could ever imagine. Emotions are what make you unique and who you are. EVERYTHING you do and do not do is because of your emotional connection to it.


Food is emotional.


One of my fun memories of childhood is when I would bake cinnamon buns with my mom. The experience, the smell and the taste. Cinnamon buns bring me joy, especially when I eat them.


Before I understood emotion and foods I was bulimic. It was a violent cycle of binging and purging. (another article altogether). Cinnamon buns were one of my go to’s because how it made me feel comforted.


What you crave in a strong emotional state is useful if you pay attention. Your body is magnificent and is communicating to you all the time. Here are some key elements to consider when you start to decode this aspect of yourself. First off be kind and patient with yourself.


Here is the overview of some of the key things with cravings.

  • Sweets: The sugar boost can give you a temporary energy boost, and give you the feeling of comfort, hugs, fun and even … love. Anticipation of a reward also triggers dopamine.
  • Fats: When life gets chaotic it’s easy to reach for unhealthy fats that make you feel more grounded, and less empty.
  • Dairy: Dairy is not meant for human consumption. Cheese contains tyramine, which is a stimulant. Milk contains L-tryptophan which triggers serotonin which makes you feel good. It has soothing properties with various textures, creamy, chewy. It acts like an antidepressant.
  • High Carbs: Bread, pasta, rolls…these can be euphoric and cravings go up when you stress. This can cause you to reach for carbs to numb the experience of frazzled nerves. These break down into sugar, and leave you with a short lived high. Emotions
  • Crunchy & Salty: Frustration, anger and resentment are big factors for this. It may ease your emotions, but you must find ways to deal with built up negative emotions.


These 3 hacks are simple and also take time to implement. You are pretty amazing and worth getting know! Pay attention to your body, your emotions and you can develop an amazing relationship with the most important person in your life, you!


Keep checking back for more material. A lot of my work is dealing with emotions, and how to work with them instead of them working against. Especially on how it works with food.


Just remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up.Be kind to yourself in the process.


Makayla Leone,

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