3 Secrets of Burning Fat – EVEN after 40!


You don’t have to be a celebrity or an instagram star to burn fat. These three simple tips can easily fit into your routine… and help YOU feel more energized, happy and confident!


Ladies, if you are a like me and most women over 35 (I am 43! when I posted this blog) you might notice weight and body fat creeping up in areas that never did before!


Look, we all want to look and feel our best, so when you discover this happening it can be alarming. Not only how it makes you feel about yourself…but the health risks of too much body fat over time. Like, high blood sugar, heart disease and so much more!


I was talking a girlfriend in her 30’s about this and that was her experience…. Horrified, she couldn’t believe that she gained 20 lbs in a year…it was painful for her to realize this.


But, the pain made her focus on what was important in her life. Which was her health and feeling good. She is currently doing amazing while implementing some of the things I am about to share with you..


Even myself, who has maintained a healthy weight for decades had to make some changes as my body was shifting in my 40’s.


Let me be clear, I don’t diet…especially for long term success (look it has the word DIE in it). But, I made some simple shifts that have allowed me to become a better fat burning machine (and in my 40’s) and you can too!


I even shared this with my girlfriend and she is creating success with her health goals. Here they are: (and while yes, protein is the obvious one, but how about these)


1. Pump some Iron. Add weights, or weight bearing exercises.
The reason why it works is because  it burns fat, whereas cardio burns BOTH muscle and fat. (you want to find a blend that works, HIIT training is a good place to start).


Also, it helps with you with stress, builds stronger bones, burns more calories… and makes you smarter. Plus it will not make you bulk up.


You cannot bulk up like a bodybuilder without extreme training and dieting. I have friends that compete, it is very intense and not for me!


2. Eat fat to lose fat.
What? Healthy fats kick up your metabolism and are anti inflammatory. A key factor of premature again is inflammation. Prevent it when you can.


Fats make you feel fuller, more energized, builds muscle and metabolizes at a slower rate.


3. Cut out the sweetness. SUGAR.
I hate to say it but…sugar makes you fat. Here is why. When you eat a bunch of simple carbs, your blood sugar climbs.


When your blood sugar climbs your body needs to release more insulin to get your blood sugar back down. Then the high insulin levels tell your body to pack away fat, which in turn LOCKS your fat burning. This continued cycle and a constant supply of simple carbs and sugar is stressful on your system. Your body cannot reach your fat storage for fuel! So it burns sugar instead. The goal is to burn fat!


My girlfriend has added some of these elements and she is looking and feeling fabulous. These shifts have also changed my fat burning capabilities for sure!


Remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, its like a bank account and adds up. Be kind to yourself in the process.


Makayla Léone

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