3 Foods To Avoid if You Want To Stay Slim


Okay, you are super excited to be on your journey of living a healthy lifestyle. This is great news!


And, we live in such an amazing time right now where there are so many options for tasty healthy treats. The downside is … there are too many options and that can be confusing on what foods  to choose for your health goals.


Just because it’s labeled healthy, doesn’t mean it is. Certain foods sabotage your efforts, even when you think you are doing the right thing.


These are my top three to avoid, or limit how much of it you consume.  It’s more about being aware!


1.Granola Bars

Most commercial granola bars have naughty refined grains, a lot of sugar and not the ideal type of fat. These 3 elements do not support a healthy lifestyle, or a healthy waistline.


They might be okay as a treat once and awhile, but not daily and definitely not replacing a nutritional meal. Besides, there are great online recipes where you can make your own, so you know exactly what’s in them!


2. Flavored Yogurt & Fruit Juice

I put these two in the same category, since they have something in common.  Too much sugar content and the the lack of real fruit. Real fruit has something important, fiber. These do not.


What you can do instead is to get plain yogurt and add your own fruit and sweetener (like raw honey, stevia).


And juice, consider adding water or make fruit infused water. There are some juices that have lower sugar content and the main ingredients are vegetables. Those are great alternatives. My favorite is this brand is Suja. You can find it in local health food stores and in some supermarkets!


3. Pretzels

This one is tough for me at times. I have to admit. I like crunchy salty, and I have had to adapt for my goals also! Pretzels actually do not contain fat, awesome right!? Nope.


You know what also doesn’t have fat. White bread! Refined flour. Not good! Pretzels are pretty much white bread, with crunch and added salt.


What about whole grain pretzels Makayla? Majority of the pretzel products out there even if they say whole grain…. if you look at the ingredients its not at the top.


Become a master at reading ingredients and you can transform your life! I will create a post later on helping you decode them.


Some alternatives are nuts. They are healthier, have protein, fat and fiber! While satisfying do you best to avoid over doing those also. Take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself.  Awareness is power, and taking control puts you back in charge.


Its more about living in harmony with your health, allowing you flexibility to have a little fun while maintaining optimal wellness.



Makayla Leone,

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