Have you ever taken a moment, to grasp how amazing the human body is?

The intricate design that makes up our body communicates in harmony… without us even thinking about it. If we had to orchestrate how everything fits together, our brains wouldn’t be able to handle it.

This is why I recommend visiting this exhibit. My recent trip was to the Bally’s Exhibit where you are allowed to take photos! While it might inspire both awe and a sense of uneasiness.. once you can view it from a bigger perspective it can transform how you treat your body. Which is priceless and your vehicle in this lifetime.

Viewing this exhibit is like looking through a 3D lifelike version of an anatomy book.

I love this exhibit and have seen it many times. The first time I went was around 2006, in California. It was emotional even though I have had experience with cadavers in my anatomy class.

You can read more about how they preserve the bodies on their website. This video is aimed at the benefits of what you will receive by visiting. Here are my suggested benefits for you:


1.Awareness For Your Body.

Bodies offers a unique and simple way to illustrate the complexity and beauty of your body. It also showcases what can  happen if we take care of it, and when we don’t. When you see real lungs, both healthy and cancerous it may shift how you treat your gift. We live busy lives, and forget about taking care of our bodies. Often times something terrible has to happen before we pay attention. Don’t let that be you!


2. Connection To Your Body.

I love how connected we are in this world, yet it comes with a price. Distraction, and disconnection with the self and others. Bodies can re-establish a connection with who you are inside and out. Looking at the exhibit from the outside in is a humbling experience. Once you recognize how intricate and perfect the human body is, it is natural to feel more connected. Which is one of our core human needs.


3. Respect For The Human Body

The sheer fact that you are walking next to preserved human bodies, and specimens can tug at your heart. Your heart by the way, was the first organ formed in the womb. Respect happens as a natural response when you walk through the corridors. It’s almost like an unspoken human behavior. Yes of course there will be some that won’t honor that, but the majority recognize this. How everything works inside your body is miraculous. The most powerful machine in the universe where there is still so much to discover!


If you love learning, especially when it comes to the human body this is fascinating and moving. Blending science and emotion. Plus it can help reconnect you to who you are….inside…

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Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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