When I first starting really diving into courses in personal development, I remember sitting in a training pen in hand eagerly waiting for tasty morsels of information to be spoken that I would transmit to paper to devour later. As a student of life I love to learn. While I have now forgotten the topic that was being taught, the presenter said something specific that has stuck with me since then. While I am paraphrasing he said something like, “jealousy is often an indicator we have to take action on something”. I said to myself, “what???”

Having an open mind about learning I considered this and brought to my attention a certain someone that I harbored resentment towards and equally loved at the same time. Talk about conflict! As a dug deeper I recognized part of it was the green eyed monster; very profound.

You see I grew up around strong values that involved do unto others as you do unto them, it is better to give then to receive, you have to work hard etc, can anyone else relate? Now I know different, especially with goal setting, having congruency, creating empowering beliefs and using what we teach at our trainings especially understanding the energy flow when it comes to prosperity.

What bothered me with my friend was that she was getting things accomplished by using certain resources, while I was working my ass off working a bunch of jobs, putting myself through training on my own while supporting myself and having no social life. Yeah, one could say I had a bit of the green eye. So what did I do about it?

First off I surrendered to the revelation with a big aha! You see when you get to source of something then you can address it. It is like; would you rather treat the cause or the symptom? Symptoms return and when dealt with a cause has more probability of shifting permanently. Since I am one who walks my talk and uses these tools, I experimented and freed myself from the internal agony.

Here is how; when I broke it down it really came down to my values and using my own resources with integrity. What I came to discover is that all I really needed to take action on was to find ways to work smarter, instead of harder, while maintaining what was important to me. It can also mean they are achieving success and all you need to do is take action and recognize success is possible for you too! Make sense? Additionally when you release jealousy you are able to see people more clearly with love, understanding and respect for their model of the world. Since practicing release techniques and working with NLP tools I now look at this individual with love and bless the good things in her life. This cleans up the energy and allows that good to flow to you as well, instead of being blocked. Would you agree that this is a more empowering situation and relationship?

My question for you is, do you secretly hold jealousy towards someone? If so it can be a good sign if you choose to use it correctly and take positive action. Once broken down you can actually discover pieces of treasure that can help you along your path, like unlocking secrets only known to you. As human beings emotions are our compasses and if you listen, truly listen, one can use these aspects to stay committed and guided along our own personal journeys. I have made my monsters pets. I must say they are much better as friends then enemies! For extra points go ahead and give them names!

Live Confidently!

Makayla Léone

““You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.” (Margaret Atwood)

Photocredit© Tuncdindas

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