What type of ager are you? I put them into 3 categories. Wrinkler, Sagger and Splotcher.

While aging is a fact and beautiful part of life, it is my mission to illustrate how you can have more control. And the main thing is educating yourself and taking preventative action.

As time goes by, you might notice a blend of all three and in the beginning one of these could stand out the most.

How we look and perceive ourselves is emotional. YOU are beautiful. I encourage you to be kind to yourself as you go through this journey with me.

Are you ready to tackle this  and learn some solutions?

With all 3 types of aging, lifestyle plays a massive role. From sunbathing, diet, beauty regimens, stress and lack of exercise. The improper implementation can expedite the visual process.


1. Wrinkler. These are the fine lines that start to form, usually the ones around the eyes show up first. Then the furrows of the forehead and around your mouth!

Skin gets thinner as we age (lack of collagen)… combine this with gravity, repetitive facial movements and this will cause deep lines. Believe it or not, poor stress management plays a very big role with wrinkles. I bet you could picture someone right now… that wears their dominant stressed out emotions on their face!


2. Sagger. With gravity pulling you down, and skin suppleness depleting sagging happens. Usually you will notice hollowing under the eyes and your cheeks less round. Flattening around your mouth also occurs!


3. Splotcher. These show up as brown spots and are bigger than freckles. This pigmentation can be caused from sun exposure, hormones (pregnancy) and even genetics.


You might recognize some of these currently happening. No need to get upset. There are small tweaks you can put in place, and if you stay consistent will see results.

But first let me explain how your skin works, and what happens over time.


Epidermis/Top Level: The cells of the epidermis cover and protect the body. It is our skin tone. There is where new skin cells are created. With age this layer is more fragile.

Dermis/Middle Level: Contains collagen, nerve endings, blood vessels, oil and sweat glands. The collagen in the dermis gives structure to your skin. It provides the infrastructure for elastin and hyaluronic acid. As we age this becomes dryer.

Hypodermis/Lower Level: Deepest layer and made of fat. This keeps the body warm and your skin plump. The loss of fat cells with age makes the face look sunken.

What is a girl to do!

In my Pro-Aging system training and coaching program, I teach specific strategies for building a foundation.

Right now I am going to share a few of them.

While some may seem simple, or repetitive… consistency is key for results. Skin takes a little longer to turn around, so be patient. Think PREVENTION. Stopping things at its source and creating better strategies.


1.Invest in the proper sun protection. Look for ingredients that contain zinc. My favorite is eminence sunscreen. A little goes a long way with high quality concentrated products. 

Daily doses of sunshine is great for your health. It’s advised to do so with care especially if choose to not wear sunscreen. The sun breaks down collagen and is one of the biggest causes of splotching.


2. Drink more water. Your body is mostly water, and skin is your largest organ. Feed your skin with hydration.


3. Pay attention to your repetitive face movements. My chosen tool for prevention are frownies. Weird, but they work! They help to retrain face strain. Also don’t forget your sunglasses.


4. Add collagen to your diet because it declines.  I use powder as supplements are hard on my stomach. My favorites are collagen peptides & beauty infusion.


5. Add hyaluronic acid serum to your skin regimen to replenish it. Don’t let the word acid fool you, it is gentle, soothing and hydrating. Petra Organics are a good brand, with good ingredients especially having pure hyaluronic acid as the first ingredient. 


I will create more content on how to treat these 3 symptoms by using specific targeted products, face exercises and more!

For now, start simple with building a foundation for your pro-aging success. Because even if you did all the right things by using  products… you still need a strong foundation to hold it together.

Feel free to check out my book How To Be Hollywood Beautiful Without The Hollywood Price, to learn more about how to create a beauty (and life) regimen. 

Remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up. Be kind to yourself in the process.

Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist



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