Here is something to think about, did you know the first organ that forms in utero is your heart. As long as it beats, you live. It can be easy to take this precious gift for granted until something happens.

The fact is, life can get busy and it’s easy to make unhealthy choices for quick solutions… but there are long term consequences.

Heart related problems are a big cause for concern. While there are many factors that can contribute them invading your life (including heart attacks) … paying attention to this one thing and monitoring it can change your life.


Manage Your Cholesterol

Pay attention to your cholesterol. Build up your HDL (good) and reduce the LDL (bad). Overtime as you age, if you don’t have enough HDL the bad stuff accumulates plaque.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a cocktail of fatty stuff, and they inflame artery walls. Your bodies response to a plaque deposit burst is a clot. Which in many causes can create a heart attack.

The great news is heart attacks often can be preventable with lifestyle changes and getting to the root cause.

I encourage you to find a functional medicine doctor that can help you stay on track. Doctors in this field work with your lifestyle, nutrition and can help you form a specific plan for you.

When you start looking at your labs, this is an overview of how numbers are measured in the United States.

Optimal HDL levels are 60 mg/dL or higher
Optimal LDL levels are  100 mg/dL or lower

These are some things to look into that can possibly help you with a healthy heart plan and keeping your cholesterol in check.   Your heart loves you, love it back!


1. Get blood tests every year to track your HDL and LDL numbers.

I look at mine as a healthy heart score card, so I can measure what is going on internally and made adjustments.  

My current levels are…At age 43:

HDL is 116
LDL is 78
Both numbers fall in a very healthy range.


2.Lower your LDL (bad) by limiting or avoiding fast food, processed meat and sugary desserts.


3.Increase your HDL (good) by increasing your intake of high fiber foods like oatmeal, good fats, fatty omega-3 fish and nuts.


4. Exercise! Physical activity, even 10-20 minutes can limit your heart attack risk.


5. Stress Management. Please pay attention to your stress overload and find ways to de-stress. In my 20’s, during a very stressful and emotional time in my life I had a heart murmur and wore a heart monitor to keep track. It helped me pay attention and make better choices. Stress and emotional stress is no joke!

Your body is a magnificent machine and very resilient. In our younger years it is often taken for granted. I know I did stupid stuff!

My personal goal now is to age well, be comfortable, healthy, happy and youthful. Aging does not have to be scary. Shifting our lifestyle can make the biggest difference for ourselves, and our families.

If you are looking for a reset or help with getting back on track, feel free to check out the 14 Day Beauty Detox.

Remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up. Be kind to yourself in the process.


Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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