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Is Massage Healing?

I would like to smassage2hare with you a personal story on why I went into massage therapy many years ago. I get asked this question a lot and I will answer it briefly for you now.

When I moved to the United States from Canada I was young and quite naïve. I ran off with my prince charming with big dreams of living happily ever after, just like in the fairytale movies. He was a professional athlete and I at the time was modeling on a regular basis. A perfect match right?

One day as we were playing around in fun this 6’2, 220 pound hockey player tossed me across the living room and I landed directly on my tailbone. For about two minutes, which seemed like eternity, I lost the feeling in my body from the neck down. It was terrifying! Days later I was still hobbling around in agony and then I went for my first massage at a holistic clinic. I was amazed at the results, my therapist helped me to walk straight again! I thought to myself “wow, if that can happen for me imagine how I can help facilitate healing with my husband and his injuries”. The sports organization did have their own team therapist and yet I was sold to do this on my own and a few years later I went to school and become certified and licensed. My motivation was love and I never thought I would ever have to fall back on this skill after my divorce.

Ever have something not work out the way you planned? In most cases, depending on your perspective, it’s usually for the best. In my case, most definitely!

So the question is-how effective is massage therapy? If sports teams, celebrities and organizations have their own therapists that travel with them there must be something to this healing modality, correct?

The answer is yes, extremely effective.

I went to an amazing school and during my anatomy class I got to visit cadaver labs and dissect the human body. There actually was a point in my life prior where I did want to be a coroner so the idea of a cadaver lab was a great opportunity for learning and understanding. Our bodies are magnificent machines, truly miraculous if you ask me. Sometimes our bodies need assistance in eliminating toxins and for that reason alone massage helps to support what the body naturally does. Additionally our bodies and muscles are brilliant at reacting and contracting and not so good at relaxing. Some people are in tune with their bodies and most people have lost that rapport. It’s a skill that can be relearned at any given time.

There are so many diverse modalities in the healing arts and every body is different. We are made up of different emotions, different experiences that create our body. We are whole beings as opposed to just a body or just the mind. The point is massage is very helpful and some modalities have been practiced for centuries. Emotions are stored and often stuck in the body and while being in a relaxed state a skilled therapist can facilitate healing in their clients. I have always believed that we have great capabilities to heal ourselves, and when you are dealing with an expert in a field there is a mutual exchange. Going even deeper then that our human mind is the most powerful tool on the planet; the mind/body connection has always existed and it’s important to have their communication aligned to get results in various areas, not just in health. Of course I support medicine as I am one for integrative health and that being said our minds and beliefs shape our reality. There are countless scientific experiments to prove this fact.

I found this fantastic article on The Huffington Post that I thought is great to share, and supports my beliefs. Check it out here.

While I am retired from massage I had a private practice and also worked at luxury hotels like the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills and opulent Sports Clubs like The Sports Club LA and Equinox. My clients were very diverse. By nature I am extremely curious and I was perplexed that I would give some clients step by step directions of stretches, exercises, suggestions etc that would help their ailment from a physical/mental perspective and when they came back to see me they never made the changes. I did not comprehend that they were still doing the same things over and over again that contributed to their pain? Have you ever found yourself doing that? Repeating patterns that no longer serve you? My hand is right up there with you and I decided it was now time to shift into my next career-personal development. As a certified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist I have learned the reasons why patterns happen, what can be done to adjust and how to do it.

In my professional opinion massage therapy is a necessity. Yes, I do realize that it can be viewed as a luxury and even so it is still beneficial. It all depends on your priorities. Since I am an advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle, and teach my clients to preserve this, some of my most important values revolve around maintaining a healthy life.

Like Gandhi said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Ask anyone who has lost their health what they value most? How can you enjoy your wealth if your health is suffering? Honor your body, its where you live.

So the question was, is massage healing? In my expert opinion absolutely, and it is a do with process! There are many different healing modalities to explore, so why not do something loving for yourself and give your body and mind a wonderful gift of self love. You are worth it!

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”(Anthony Robbins)

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