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ageI can proudly say I am 37 years young. Thanks in part to genetics I do not look my age, and the other elements include my mindset and how I take care of myself.

How does one age gracefully? First off I don’t even use the word aging in my vocabulary. Our words most definitely create our reality and the words I choose for this context are much more empowering like maturing, growing, learning, adapting, ageless/timeless and wise. Unfortunately aging in today’s world has negative label and myself, being a mismatcher I dance to beat of my own drum and decided to pick things that would help me on my path. You have to understand for most of my life I was in an industry that told me I was too ‘old’ by the age of 17! When I came into who I was I simply accepted me and that in itself is a huge factor in staying youthful. Additionally laughter and having a sense of humor, exercise, sleep, diet and water is essential. Probably one of the most core elements in staying youthful is lowering and/or eliminating stress.

Here is an example to illustrate of what stress can do, from yours truly: moi.

When I was around 25 I had hell break loose in my universe. At the time I had a divorce lawyer, immigration lawyer and personal injury lawyer all at once. While I am a non-bulimic now, during that era it was flared up. I did things to hurt myself, lost 10 pounds in week, was on anti-depressants, had a nervous breakdown, was home sick, wore a heart monitor, had medication for migraines, had asthma and spontaneously combusted. Curious, I had my aura read and the reader looked at me in awe saying that he had never seen a fragmented aura like that and my body was aged to 37. Looking back at that I smile because 12 years later having that behind me, along with the knowledge of what not to do, has helped me maintain a healthier lifestyle, which I also teach my clients to do the same.

In my current universe, I would laugh (internally of course) when people would be mad at me for not having full wrinkles by now. Really, honestly when did 37 become old?? They were convinced I used botox. Do I believe in botox? Well, I use to work at a medical spa and know the effects and for me it’s not in the cards and that being said I have no judgment on those that make that choice, it does work. I have found other ways to minimize wrinkles that are far less evasive and toxic, like meditation and exercise. I have also invested in home use versions of micro current and LED lights. Certain products are effective as well like Retin-A. What I personally use to cleanse my face, which has made a massive difference, is the olive oil/castor method. You can read about it here.

It is also worth the effort to work with skilled skincare professionals. I have many friends in the industry that get amazing results for their clients. There are many options when it comes to taking care of your skin. The key is finding something that works well with you.

I continue to remain curious about how the human body changes over time. My metabolism definitely has shifted (along with the body) and as I am closer to 40 I am actually excited for what is to come. It is a learning process and I view it as fun and adventure as opposed to fear and self loathing. No one escapes this process; why not look forward to it? Mindset is key factor in everything you do, why would it be different in the context of health and beauty? What you resist persists. For example if you fear getting old you will bring more of that into your life such as aches, pains, situations where you feel old. I personally witnessed this in many people and certain clients. Some of which became addicted to plastic surgery and are convinced they have no power over their circumstances. That is another blog altogether, neither bad nor good as I have no judgment just curiosity.

Yes I do laugh that I have more grey hairs now and giggle when I pluck the stray ones. I own my life, my journey (plus I am a little kooky) so this is simply part of the human experience. Why not have a sense a humor. Much better then the alternative right?

Tomorrow I am off to my hairstylist to cover my roots. Hey, I still like to look the best I can for me and going grey is not an option; yet. That is decades away as I am ageless and timeless, just like you.

Live Confidently!

Makayla Léone


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