I woke up this morning on a mission. I had one of those ‘falling down flat on my face moments’ along my path. The interesting is that you have the choice to look up once you have landed and are eating dirt. So many people think they have little power in their life. I am telling you; you do. And you can actually build with soil, as everything is useful in some context.

Falling comes with a lesson if you choose to learn from it.

Tony Robbins has famously said we are motivated by two things: pain or pleasure. Pain can be a great motivator and teacher, the thing though is that is does not give consistent results. At some point one must learn how to shift your mindset towards what you want (pleasure) as opposed to what you don’t want. Ever hear of what you resist persists? Focus on what you want otherwise you keep attracting what you don’t want. That key element is one of the foundations for building results in your life. Focus on what you WANT.

With my clients and at our trainings we teach the power of goal setting and what it takes to achieve consistent goals. There are key elements and one of them is to keep adjusting along the way, having the flexibility to stay on course. Success is rarely a straight line; actually I have never heard of a case where it was, have you? And here is the humorous thing once you set goals ever notice that obstacles tend to pop up?

So you want to reach for your dreams, career, be in a loving relationship, be healthy and yet ‘stuff’ comes up. Listen to me carefully, that is a sure sign you are moving in the right direction! Without getting too metaphysical the big picture is this, once you set something in action things come up and that is the universe telling you that if you want that, you have to deal with this first. Think of some of your favorite movies where the hero or heroine goes on a quest. They face obstacles yes? You are no different with your quest. Own your mission, path and know that you have everything within you to achieve this.

Remember that falling can be the lesson and exactly what you needed to get to the next level. Dust yourself off, forgive yourself, build a stronger foundation and continue to move forward.

Live Confidently!

Makayla Léone

“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals – Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want” Marsha Sinetar


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