3 Foods That Increase Sex Hormones


Sexy time can fall low on your priority list, especially if you are taking care of everyone else… and what you value most is sleep!

While science has proven the benefits of sex, (emotionally, chemically & physically)  what do you do when your libido goes limp? Apart from speaking with a integrative doctor who understands hormones and emotions… you can begin to add more healthy whole foods that can help boost your sexy hormones, naturally!


1. Ginger

You may be familiar that ginger is a tummy tonic, but did you know it can also increase blood flow to your genitals! That is amazing!

Good news also, that even if you are not fond of eating it, smelling it has the same effect. Get out your essential oil ladies!


2. Flaxseeds

If you start adding a teaspoon a day, this will help boost testosterone which is great for the libido!

They have all the right omega’s both omega-3 and omega-6. When you don’t have enough fatty acids in your diet… you will lack some of the biggest building blocks for your sex hormones. Build that foundation!

Excellent, another wonderful reason to add healthy fats.

And last but not least….


3. DARK Chocolate

Chocolate triggers a bunch of chemicals linked to pleasure. And on an emotional level, its linked to love. Keep in mind that not all  chocolate is equal, and the preferred choice is dark as opposed to milk or white for overall health. While chocolate does indeed have sugar, quality products make a big difference.

Love and feel good endorphins! Yes please!

Aim for 70% or lower when it comes to dark chocolate so that you can also get the health benefits. Better yet, make your own and add stevia for a no sugar option!

So there you have it, a few simple things that can make a difference not only in your health, but for sexy time too!



Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist

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