Your skin is an amazing organ, that often reflects what is going on inside your body. Today I wanted to share with you a few things that I had figure out when I was going through some skin havoc, and how I fixed it.

Let me get real and personal with you for a moment. Have you ever had pimples so big that they looked like volcanoes coming out of your face?

Not only that, you wanted to hide because in your mind everyone was staring at the mountain on your face! I have been there!

Here is a snap shot of me when I was going through an eruption. Ouch! 

As a former private investigator I had to get to the bottom of this and I discovered the culprit for me. And it turns out it affects others like this too! It wasn’t just me.

This culprit lurks in many things. Hiding in ingredients, and offsets the main cause of acne.

Any ideas?

One of the main causes of acne, is your hormones being off balance. Think of puberty, remember those days!?


Without making this complicated, one of the main things you can do for yourself…. for clear skin is to avoid hormone disruptors as much a possible.


Your skin will tell you what it doesn’t like. Not only that, your body changes over time and some food you used to eat has a different effect! Isn’t that great!

I look it at as an adventure. Sometimes it’s exciting, and other times well not so great. But, I promise you getting big painful cystic acne makes me listen.

One of the main food sources, that disrupts hormones and causes inflammation in your body is… dairy. The whey and casein protein are not so nice to your body, or your skin.

There is a lot of evidence that backs how acne can triggered from dairy. The majority of dairy cows given artificial hormones. How do you think that will affect you?


My main clear skin secret is that I avoid dairy.


You might be able to get away with it in your younger years, like I did, but over time it can add up. Your hormones also change throughout your life. I am currently in my 40’s and it is a process for me too.

I will create more content on how I shrink a flare up when I have accidental dairy, but for now I want to bring awareness. And yes, there are other factors like bacteria (especially from your cell phone) but this article was meant to shed light on what is going on internally. 

I gave up dairy and its made my life so much better.  The great thing is that there are so many wonderful options out there that mimic dairy in a healthier way. Look into Almond Milk, Cashew Milk and even Almond Cheese! It might take some time to discover what is palatable for you. Do your best to be adventurous! 

Some dairy products, like plain yogurt and goats milk products (easier on human stomach) are okay with some hard cheeses. Your body will tell you.  (I use grass fed butter, which is different quality then regular butter because of what they eat, and no hormones. Plus its lactose free!) 

The goal I have for you is to pay attention to your body and choose what supports your path and create better habits.

The secret for long term success when letting go of a habit, is to replace it with one that you want. It takes adjusting and you are worth the investment.

If you are looking for a healthy beauty reset for weight loss or getting back on track, check out the 14 day Beauty Detox

Use the chat section to tell me your thoughts about today’s topic, and let me know what you would like me talk more on. Happy to help! Health is wealth.

Remember, when it comes to healthy living every little action counts, it’s like a bank account that adds up. Be kind to yourself in the process.


Makayla Leone
Pro-Aging Specialist


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