Health And Beauty

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I can proudly say I am 37 years young. Thanks in part to genetics I do not look my age, and the other elements include my mindset and how I take care of myself.

gracefullyHow does one age gracefully? First off I don’t even use the word aging in my vocabulary. Our words most definitely create our reality and the words I choose for this context are much more empowering like maturing, growing, learning, adapting, ageless/timeless and wise. Unfortunately aging in today’s world has negative label and myself, being a mismatcher I dance to beat of my own drum and decided to pick things that would help me on my path. You have to understand for most of my life I was in an industry that told me I was too ‘old’ by the age of 17! When I came into who I was I simply accepted me and that in itself is a huge factor in staying youthful. Additionally laughter and having a sense of humor, exercise, sleep, diet and water is essential. Probably one of the most core elements in staying youthful is lowering and/or eliminating stress.

Here is an example to illustrate of what stress can do, from yours truly: moi.


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