Most coaching and mentoring programs fail to get long lasting results. I know, I have been through countless coaching programs and did not get the transformation to occur! This was a definite pain point for me with time and money, and what I finally discovered  for my success, and my clients success is that in order to create long term change programs must have these 3 things:

Accountability, Support and a System that works!

It is not enough just to teach you, its all about accountability and implementation.We are creatures of habit, and most of the time what is blocking success in many areas in our life is bad habits and beliefs that were created. The key is undoing those, and creating new ones that support future goals.

Often times, you need someone to walk you step by step and allowing change to integrate for long term results. Yet, the sad fact is, that many coaching programs do not care about you or your growth, they just want your money!

My Consulting is NOT For Everyone

Its not for people that are complainers, blamers, haters, negative, skeptics and take no responsibility for their life and choices. Or for people that want me to fix them. First off you are not broken and I am not a therapist. To change your life you must take initiative. Plus when you are in control you are not a victim and in a position of power.

My Consulting Is Ideal For Those Desiring Stepping Up In Their Life And Willing To Do The Work

This might be for you if you strive for excellence and to be the best version of yourself. Or if you desire to transform, evolve, grow and are committed to doing the work. I have spent over 20+ years gathering pieces of the puzzle to build a system with various healing and transformational modalities, including a science based in psychotherapy. I operate from a holistic viewpoint and see you as a whole being. Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotional.

Please make sure you work ONLY with Mentors that are examples you wish you be like.

It took me years to discover my personal self sabotage which then propelled me to find an easier achievable and quicker way and I did. Now I offer you what I learned as it is my mission to assist my clients to achieve their goals, get results, build confidence and transformation while moving towards their very best selves.

I have 2 Options Available with One-on-One Mentoring


This program is a coaching package where I work with you to create your vision, get back on track and give you the tools to get results. Visions can be anything from a healthier fit body, expansion in business, more intimate loving relationships and deeper connection with your purpose. We focus on one area at a time, however when you start to excel in one area it spills over in the best way in the other quadrants of your life.

This involves weekly calls and/or Skype, and answered emails during our time together.

There is an option to continue month to month if we believe it’s a fit. There are no long-term contracts

II. Platinum

At the Platinum Level I take on 4 clients a year right now. This is where you get my up close and personal attention to assist you. During one part of the program we go through a very detailed Breakthrough process that takes about 5-8 hours in person, here in Las Vegas (travel can be discussed). I like to explain it as getting to the root of a life long problem and letting it go for good.

Take for example a weed in a beautiful garden. Weeds can get out of hand and spread all over if you don’t cut them down. However, even when you cut them down they grow back-why? It is important to get to the ROOT so that you can pull it out for good and that it will never come back again. Then you can plant the garden you want as that is how the mind works. It grows what you plant.

This is a full in depth Transformation and mutual commitment.

My Platinum Consulting is a big investment. I am ONLY looking for MASSIVE action takers that are 100% committed to getting results in their life and unafraid of hard work. With this type of commitment, magic happens for us both.

*****The prerequisite to BOTH programs is going through AND doing the exercises in my Unlock Your Genius book*****
Working with me is not for everyone. It requires a high level of commitment; which means an investment of your time, money and energy. This involves full commitment from us both. If you believe that is you, please reach out and fill out the application form. Either myself or my assistant will get back to you.
Please Note: I am unable to guarantee your success. However I will give you my full attention, and help guide you towards your goals. But I cannot DO the work for you. Results vary depending upon dedication and commitment. The tools and techniques work but its up to you to desire transformation and take action.

Favorite quotes

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. "
John Quincy Adams

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